Statement of Faith

COPM is a faith-based, humanitarian aid organization. We believe:

  1. There is one infinite, benevolent, and personal God, subsisting in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Trinity).
  2. God is the creator of all created things, and that human beings are the pinnacle of His creation.
  3. Human beings are made in the image of God and therefore possess great intrinsic value.
  4. Despite its high estate, humanity chose to disobey God and as a result its relationship with Him has been and continues to be broken.
  5. Jesus Christ is the unique Son of God who came to reveal the character of God and repair mankind’s broken relationship with Him.
  6. Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary, was crucified under Pontius Pilate, was buried, and rose bodily from the grave.
  7. Jesus’ death was an atonement for mankind’s sins; His resurrection validated His claim to be God’s unique and divine Son – it also signaled the beginning of the prophetically foretold era of salvation.
  8. This risen Jesus extends the offer of new life and forgiveness to all persons who will confess their sins and follow Him.


It is our service and ministry objectives for each child placed in one of our family foster care homes that COPM staff and foster care families in Namibia will:

  1. Care for each child in a manner that is ordained by our Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. Proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to each client of this ministry in word and deed.
  3. Develop, implement and operate a family foster care model which will be effective in raising the fatherless and orphaned children within their birth country.
  4. Educate each child in Godly characteristics.
  5. Assist in academically equipping each child to achieve his or her maximum potential.
  6. Will prepare children to be self-sufficient as adults and positive social influences.
  7. Respond to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of the fatherless and orphaned children in our care.
  8. Financially support this social service program through private donations from the United States and Namibia.
  9. Work collaboratively with the local church, the community and the government to more effectively and efficiently meed the needs of the children.
  10. Provide long-term care, within qualified, safe Christian families, for abandoned, deprived, neglected, abused and orphaned children.

While international adoption serves the best interest of many children, countless fatherless and orphaned children are left behind, children equally deserving of a hope filled future, and a family. Therefore COPM is devoted to helping those children who remain in their birth countries.