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”…I did not prove disobedient to the heavenly vision.” (Acts 26:19)  “If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.  My Father is glorified by this, that you bear fruit, and so prove to be My disciples.” (John 15:7-8)NASB

This August, I will have been in Arandis, Namibia for five years. When I awoke that morning five years ago with the Lord’s voice resounding in my soul, “Ten years!” I had no idea how His plan would unfold.  For me the vision seemed simple, help start a school for the orphans and vulnerable children the Lord had placed in the care of Hope’s Promise Orphan Ministries Namibia.

The Lord’s plan is seldom simple or easy.  If it were, how would we learn to depend on Him and become the disciple He would have us be?  My prayer continues to be that the Lord will hold me close and that I will not let my vision stand in His way.

The ministry is now “Children of Promise Ministries”.  This change is a result of the ministry becoming based totally in Namibia.  You can visit the new website at

Talitha Kumi Christian Academy

We had a successful first term.  The twenty-eight children in the primary school made excellent progress.  Miss Juliana, the second grade teacher and Miss Monica, the fourth grade teacher, proved to be loving and caring and their classes showed good progress.

It has been especially rewarding to see the progress the four children who are receiving the therapeutic horseback are making.  Each of the children has gained confidence.  Stefanus, one of my first graders, walks taller and straighter with a new confidence.

I was invited to an official meeting of the Ministry of Education last month.  This was an important step as it indicates that our provisional registration is recognized.  The meeting was with the deputy to the Minister of Education.  He was asking for suggestions as to how the educational process can be improved in Namibia.  Two of the salient points were smaller class sizes, currently classes range from 38 to 60 children in the elementary grades and the need for teaching all grades and subjects in English and then teaching first languages as a single subject.  If these two things were changed, it would have immediate and profound results.

There are several new mines around Arandis.  One of them is run by a French company, AREVA. They helped us out last year with sports equipment and computers.  They have come back to us and are considering helping us level and fence the land for the TKCA campus.  We are also praying for a sports field and building that would provide storage, restrooms and a hall for large group activities.  Please join us in prayer that ARIVA will catch our vision.


Bartels Middle School Thank YouWe are blessed to have Miss Claire back.  She flew in with her Mum who is stay most of a month.  Miss Claire will take over the third grade class for the rest of the year.

Miss Wendy and Uncle Red helped out in the library. Thanks to their efforts, we finally have a handle on the non-fiction section.  It is hard to believe how our little library has grown.  We have almost 3,000 books now! We have added several shelves to help relieve some of the crowding.

Bartels Middle School has been a great support.  Miss Debby, a volunteer from Tampa has involved the whole school in raising support for TKCA.  Each month, we receive two or three boxes filled with books and wonderful school supplies.  It is awesome how God works.

I am saddened that Team Zebra and the team from South Tampa Fellowship will not visit this summer.  These loving volunteers will be sorely missed.  We pray for all our friends and volunteers that they will have a rejuvenating summer and that we will see them again in years to come.

We look forward to the return of the Boca team in June and a team of friends from North Carolina in August.

Personal News

Miss Sandy is blessing Elizabeth and I with a trip to Cape Town in South Africa.  We will have ten days of travel and relaxation.  Auntie Sylvia has helped make all the arrangements and we are all excited to see more of this beautiful continent.

As the weather cools here we have more energy to get projects done that have been put off during the stifling hot days of summer.

Amazing Things

We have had heavy rains several nights in the last week.  There are actually puddles on Arandis streets.  When you live in a desert, you really appreciate rain!

Citrus Swallowtail - Arandis, NamibiaThose of you who have visited my home, know that we see the sun rise out the front door and the sun set out the back.  Since my first days here, one of my joys has been watching the sun set behind three crosses that are on a low rocky hill behind my house.  A couple months ago the crosses disappeared.  We all noticed and were saddened by the disappearance.  Well yesterday morning they reappeared on the hill over night. It brought great joy to all of us.

We had a beautiful miracle this week.  We found a lone caterpillar on the lemon tree in the back yard.  We brought it in and it made a chrysalis and ten days later it emerged as a beautiful citrus swallowtail.  And I thought I had given up my butterflies when I moved to the desert!

Praise Report

  • The two Namibian teachers, Miss Juliana and Miss Monica are doing a wonderful job.
  • The Lord has provided loving Aunties for many of our children.

Prayer Requests

  • That Penine’s pregnancy will go more smoothly.
  • That Elizabeth will continue  to grow physically and spiritually in a way that brings glory to the Lord.
  • That I rest in the Lord and remember at all times that He has it all under control.

Ministry Support Information

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Tax-deductible contributions can be made by credit card or electronic transfer via the website, Missionary Ventures International.

You may also mail a check to

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Attach a note to checks designating the donation to HUGS and the ministry.

All donations to MVI are given with the understanding that the organization has full discretion over the processing and distribution of the funds.

If you have sponsored a child or would like to do so, send your check to

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Be sure and include your child’s name

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