Greetings and God’s blessings to all you saints everywhere. This has been a rewarding and delightful Spring/Fall, depending on your position relative to the Equator. I hope this short Missive finds you well and at peace.

Yours in Christ,

A few pictures from TKCA Pre Primary…

Often people post things, and usually I read them and chuckle, cry, or find myself moved. I Found this to be funny in more ways than just the obvious. I decided to share it with you. The year is ending for the Pre-Primary and Primary schoold, and here are the current classes in the Pre-Primary school. Miss Amanda’s class; Miss Meldred’s class; Miss Celeste’s class; and Miss Sophie’s class. On the next page, you will find Grade 1; Grade 3; and Grade 4. We are praying for all these kids to do well on their upcoming exams…

Click here to read more in Mike’s Spring/Fall 2011 Missive (PDF format).

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