One of the more interesting and event filled duties of my time here is the monthly shopping trip for the “Mommies”. This is usually the better part of a day, starting at 08H00 and being finished around 14H00.

Sometimes we go to the bank first, and may have several stops along the way. Sometimes it involves getting gas bottles refilled. On a light day we only go to Fruit & Veg; Woerman Brock; Mega Save; Primo Schlacteri; and finish at Shoprite.

We have had days when we started at 08H00 and finished at 17H00. We now have to take a trailer in order to fit all the groceries purchased and the people doing the purchasing. All in all, this makes for a fun and good fellowship day.

I have also increased my knowledge about pricing here in Namibia.

Click here to read more in Mike’s July Missive (PDF format).

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