Greetings to all you saints everywhere. This year begins and finds me blessed, and exceedingly joyful. I am now an Oupa, and we are seeing progress here in Arandis. May the Holy God be praised and indeed thanked!

I pray this finds you all well and at peace.

Yours in Christ,


New paint for the New Year…

This January, I provided a little work for a few of Arandis’ residents. We finally painted the outside of 476 Flycatcher. Bringing the neighborhood a little more class. We have the base color, Biscuit, and the trim color, Stone. I have discovered why the bottom of the house is trimmed in Bitumin. This is because of the high level of salts in the soil. For those who might wonder about the roof and it’s unique look, that is Asbestos It is remarkably good at insulating the house from the effects of the desert climate. Perhaps it is also the orientation of the house, front North and back South which makes good use of the prevailing winds to keep it comfortable year round without any heat or air conditioning. Y’all are invited to come and enjoy.

Click here to read more in Mike’s January 2012 Missive (PDF format).

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