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Personal Greeting


We celebrated a wonderful Easter in God’s beautiful creation by the Khan River not far from Arandis.  Ute’s family, Uncle Mike, Ms. Nan’s family and my family prayed and played together as we camped, explored and relaxed in a part of our desert that has come alive with the unending rain! No matter where we live in this world we worship, adore and love the same creator! I read something recently that said if I continue to look at my circumstances, I become confused and dizzy – the example used was a ballerina!  Thus, the command of God many times over to keep our eyes focused on Him.  Something so simple that I have heard and said a thousand times became a truth seen from a completely different perspective.  We are so blessed to live in the family of our creator who uses each of us, each day….we are unique and have a purpose which God continues to perfect on his potters wheel.  I remain grateful to God for you and your continued sacrificial giving of your love, prayers and finances!

What’s Next

  • School holidays are upon us. This means one month of trying to find activities for our children in a town with few options.  We praise God though that the majority of our children continue to do well.
  • My boys are back horseback riding and love it!
  • The enclosing of the new school property is complete!  Next will be a basic building in which to store sports equipment that has been donated to us.  Already our partners in Germany have begun a campaign to raise funds to build our first classroom!
  • We received full approval for TKCA in April!  This means that we are fully recognized by the government and that ideally we will have a much easier time finding teachers to work with us.  It also means that we can operate through grade 7 allowing our children to remain in a safe and caring environment until at least high school.  We are all very excited about this.
  • For the remainder of 2011 we have a decision ahead of us concerning the children who entered the public school system for the first time as their first term results are low – do we leave them there to adjust or do we bring them back to TKCA?

Specific Needs

Obtaining a student visa for Toivo is in God’s hands.  Pray that the people with whom he speaks will already have hearts prepared to say yes.

My boys, Janis and Stefanus and I need lots of prayer –many unhealthy issues from their past are surfacing and Mom needs God’s perspective to handle them.

Mildred, a staff member, has a one year old who is going through a number of health uncertainties – his name is Victor.

Pray for the details of Ms. Jackie’s return trip to Namibia – she will be coming soon!

Lots of vehicle problems are surfacing including my own car – may they be fixable.

A number of my friends in America are facing health issues, death of family members and job insecurities. May God grant them a peace and even an understanding which only He can provide.

Our teenagers are giving us a run for our money on a personal level and on an academic level.  Pray for God’s protection over them and that His viewpoint might become a part of their thinking!


  • Presbyterian College has waived the proof of finances requirement in order for Toivo to start school on July 6!  Contributions for Toivo’s education can be sent to Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church, Toivo Thomas Ministry,  530 Saint Andrews Road, Columbia, SC 29210 – mark the memo TOIVO.  The check itself is made out to Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church.  Thank you for your help!
  • A two month volunteer from Pennsylvania arrived in Namibia on the 29th. We look forward to welcoming her on our team for the months of May and June.
  • We praise God for a donated frequent flier ticket donated to Toivo taking him from Windhoek to Columbia!
  • Looks like I am online for Skype!  Still getting the technicalities worked out but I have found that it does work!!
  • God uses a local church in Swakopmund as an in kind donation point which is more than helpful in keeping our families and children clothed and in shoes in Arandis.
  • Ms. Sharon arrived back in New York after 3.5 months with us.  We so appreciate her dedication to our children and especially their future!
  • And the rain continues!  Our rivers continue to flow long past our normal rainy season.  The desert is in bloom!

Personal Prayer Request

As I sit in His Presence may I rest in peace.  With love, Brenda

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