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Personal Greeting

“ I know oh Lord that a man’s life is not his own; it is not for man to direct his steps.”  Jeremiah 10.23  We are back at our home in Arandis after a non eventful trip to Namibia.  We praise God for His care to all the details of our trip.   Thank you for praying us through the journey!  It has been a difficult transition mostly for me.  The children miss different aspects of the USA but they quickly adjusted to being home.  On a daily basis one of them remind me of somewhere we were and something that had been said.  However, the starkness of our physical and spiritual environment remains and challenges me each day to remain focused on God’s call on my life.   My life is not my own and I must remind myself daily that what is important is not the here and now but my part in the eternal picture.  Thank you for your love and support for I cannot be here without it!

What’s Next

  • After a 5 week holiday our children return to school.
  • The adoption of Janis and Stefanus is on track and the social worker notified me that her next call will be about a meeting date with the magistrate.
  • I will continue to seek a work permit for myself.  I have entered the country on a 3 month tourist visa.
  • Friends from the USA arrived in Arandi on June 19th and were able to bring the many donations received that my family could not fit in our suitcases.
  • Another local NGO is closing its doors and has offered us donations in furniture, computers and some cash.
  • We are grateful to God for our network within Namibia.
  • Mommy Rosa’s family is moving into a freshly painted and renovated CPMN home.  Their “old” house will be turned into a ministry center to house BOP/SOH, volunteers as needed, a storeroom for our clothes donations and a home for Sylvia when she is in Arandis!

Specific Needs

Pray for our board meeting on June 7th as we tackle many different urgent items.

We pray for the children who were part of Evelyn and Ephraim’s house as they begin the school term back with their birth families.

Janis, Stefanus and Hailey need an extra dose of focus as they begin second term after our extended journey to the USA.

Nan and Elizabeth remain in the USA for a few more weeks and we pray that God will help Nan’s spirit to be refreshed.

Sylvia and Friedell continue to have challenges with their physical health.

Annetjie  needs urgent prayer intervention as she unknowingly, slowly destroys her soul.

One of our TKCA students, Ferdinand was bit 3 times by a venomous snake.  He continues to fight to keep his leg.

Toivo’s sophomore year at Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC will begin in mid August.  He continues to appreciate your support in helping him meet the portion of his tuition that he must pay.  Please send your support for Toivo to: Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church,  Toivo’s Ministry, 530 St. Andrews Road,  Columbia, SC 29210.

Pray for the Graham family as they seek trustworthy help inside their home with the four extra children they have in their care.

As the Grahams look towards a home assignment at the end of this year may God clear the way for Irene and Mcshall to travel with them.

Remember our children and their salvation – for it is this that carries the highest importance throughout eternity.

Thank you for continued prayers for me in my role as mother and head of household to all my children – Daniel, Vuola, Janis, Stefanus and Hailey.


  • Anna Gdanian received a 1 year work permit and will return as part of our staff at the end of June.
  • A local organization that is closing has offered us some of in kind donations for TKCA.
  • Hailey and Stefanus were able to begin gymnastics again shortly after our return to Arandis.
  • Daniel and Vuola found a room to rent after house sitting for us for five months.
  • Toivo finished his freshman year with a cumulative 2.8.  His summer will be spent in Columbia with different God opportunities before him.  We appreciate continued prayers and financial support as his sophomore year approaches.  Toivo remains determined to get into medical school which means he must sustain a 3.5 from here on out.  We are grateful that Toivo secured a job with the Phys. Ed department for next year.  We give God the glory that despite his many challenges as a first year foreign student on a USA college campus, he did well overall. We thank God for His continued provision.  Donations for the ministry can be sent to: His Promise Ministries, 1106 Old Mill Run, Deland, FL 32720.

Personal Prayer Request

May God give me a peace beyond all understanding and a merciful heart for those around me.

In His love, Brenda

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