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Personal Greeting

As you know, Sylvia and I were both gone for almost two weeks to South Africa.  Our ministry team at home handled the responsibilities at hand in our absence.  My family also was able to continue day to day life without ouma .  In our personal life and work life people have come to depend on us to be the “tower of strength” and “source of encouragement”.  As a result Sylvia and I are often running on an emotional deficit.  However, this experience with both of us away and in fact, Ms. Nan not yet returned and Steve in Otjiwarango has given our personal and ministry team a chance to realize their own strengths.  Of course our source and our tower are found in Jesus Christ not in any person!  We know that intellectually and even spiritually but sometimes tend to forget none of “this” is about any one of us.  It is about the love of our Lord and Father who gave of himself in love in the death and resurrection of His son.  Humbled each day by the manifestation of His love in the life that surrounds me keeps me focused on the purpose of my time on earth. 

What’s Next

  • A team arrived at the end of June and they have integrated themselves into our day to day schedule in Arandis.
  • Nan and Elizabeth have been delayed in the states as Elizabeth has a very active staph infection in her body settling in her stump.   They will not return to Arandis now until later in July.
  • The Grahams are still caring for 10 children and continue to work with social services to find a family who will take the four San children or at least 3 of them.
  • Our sixth graders placed in the local science fair and will continue on to Regional in August..

Specific Needs

Toivo’s sophomore year at Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC will begin in mid August.  He continues to appreciate you as you assist him to reach his goal!  Please send your support for Toivo to: Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church,  Toivo’s Ministry, 530 St. Andrews Road,  Columbia, SC 29210.

I was allowed back into Namibia yet again without a current work permit or permanent resident status.  Please pray that Home Affairs finds my file and grants work permits to all our team who are still waiting.

My friend, Cheryl, continues to need your prayers.  Her battle is a fierce one with pancreatic cancer.

As Elizabeth is treated for a staph infection may her body be able to rid itself completely of the intruder.

With the extended time in the USA, Ms. Nan and Elizabeth are trying to finalize the adoption on the USA side.  May God open the necessary doors.

Pray for our children to be protected spiritually, emotionally and physically as we all live in communities that do not necessarily foster safety for their children.

As we continue to seek ways to best help Stefanus reach His potential may God give Stefanus a desire and those that work with him (including me) patience and perserverence.


  • I praise God that I had Namibian medical insurance to cover 90% of my medical costs for my eye. Additionally, I praise God for the international family who love me , pray for me, support me financially and help me as needed along the way.  I will never be able to say enough that I am a blessed woman. Thank you !!
  • I praise God that the adoption of Janis and Stefanus was completed without complications.
  • Anna received her passport held by customs in NYC, a donated airline ticket to Namibia and her work permit which allowed her to arrive in Arandis on June 29.  God is detail oriented!
  • Jillian and Eleanor, both in Arandis for only a few days before Sylvia and I left for Capetown survived and helped to hold down “the fort.” We remain grateful for our volunteers who sacrificially give of themselves.
  • Toivo is doing well this summer taking a biology class, doing some research and helping here and there as he can to keep himself busy.  We are grateful for his support team in the USA.
  • Elizabeth is receiving the medical help that she needs while still in central Florida with Ms. Nan.
  • A team from Stellenbausch, SA made a trip to Arandis during their time in Swakopmund to bring the love of Jesus Christ directly to our children. Donations for the ministry can be sent to: His Promise Ministries, 1106 Old Mill Run, Deland, FL 32720.
  • We give God the glory for it is He who touches the hearts of others to give.

Personal Prayer Request

May I remember daily that the family was ordained of God that children might be trained up in Him. Lord, help me.

In His love,


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