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Personal Greeting

Brenda Johnston and FamilyHappy New Year ! May your year be one full of God’s blessings!  2012 means the beginning of year 13 for me in Namibia Africa.  As I have reflected on pictures and long past newsletters I am reminded how close God has been through all!  My family is growing up.  This year may be the last year that we are all able to travel to the USA together.  It is my heart’s desire to see as many folks as possible while we are here.  God alone knows the plan.  The children and I have been with my Mom in Florida since our arrival and we will remain with her another month.  A real purpose of our journey was to serve her this year.  Eventually though we will move on as I will also take an extended period of time with my friend, Cheryl, in NJ who is fighting pancreatic cancer.  I am so grateful for devoted friends who are willing to help with my children!  God provided for us financially this year through a need for a “new” used car, Toivo’s tuition and this trip to the USA.  I remain humbled and grateful that there is always just enough.  We just about broke even at the end of 2011 and I thank you for your generous and faithful heart.  My opportunity to serve in Namibia is dependent on your “yes” as a partner in prayer and finances.  May God bless you!

What’s Next

The new year has begun and as it seems with each new year we have our share of changes.

  • The children will enjoy a week long day camp the first week of January.
  • School begins January 17 for students and January 12 for the teachers.
  • Ms. Nan needs an incredible amount of God’s vision for this year.
  • Ms. Anna arrives from NH to be part of the TKCA teachers team for the 2012 school year.  Praise God for her servant heart.
  • We are readjusting some children as the Araeb auntie decided she did not want the responsibility of her five great nieces and nephews.
  • Also, Denis and Zuelery are returning to Arandis to attend TKCA and they will be placed with an auntie.
  • All the children who were in Otjiwarango have returned to Arandis to live with their families and attend school there.
  • Charmaine still awaits her 12th grade results and in the meantime auntie Sylvia has put her to work in the ministry.
  • The children and I will leave Florida towards the end of January.  Our plans are not yet clear but we are trusting God for clarity.

Specific Needs

Ms. Friedell continues to heal and become whole again after her surgery for breast cancer.  Thank you for keeping her in prayer.

Ms. Sylvia needs some rest and restoration.  May God clear a way for her.

Ms. Nan is starting the school year with fewer teachers than expected and will need a God miracle to make it happen.

Toivo starts his second term at Presbyterian College with a much heavier class load and a job!  Please pray him through.

My children are missing four months of school this year and I ask God to help me “school” them in order for them to return to TKCA in the appropriate classes in May.  Stefanus can only return to school with one on one teaching which we currently do not have.  May God show me a clear path forward for Stefanus.

My work permit is not yet approved and Ms. Anna still needs approval for her work permit.  We praise God that He has a plan and we wait patiently for it.  We are desperate for teachers.

Teachers who are willing to come as volunteers for 11 months from January – November are welcome! Please contact me –


  • Toivo ThomasWe praise God and thank you as Toivo’s tuition needs were met for another term.  He got a 3.1 for his first semester in a USA College.  He realizes the importance of maintaining a 3.5 in order to get into medical school and has set that as his goal.  We are also grateful that he will have a job on campus starting in January which will help with his book costs and pocket money.  Thank you, Lord, for what you continue to do for this young man through your people!
  • The Benz family was safely moved from Rehoboth to Arandis.   Most of their children will now be able to attend TKCA.
  • Auntie Likkie moved with Asser and Anna back to Rehoboth.  She has decided to adopt this sibling set who she has had in her care for the past 12 years.  CPMN will continue to be a financial support monthly as well as an emotional support and resource as needed.
  • A plan has been made for Denis, Zuelery and the Araeb children for which we thank God.
  • Charmaine and Buezetta, both finished with school, are now working and getting training from the ministry.

Personal Prayer Request

As God reveals His plan for our time in the USA, may we remain ever alert to His call and obedient to His will.  May I walk without fear, trusting Himj for all our needs to be met.  “Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you, he is Christ the Lord.”


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