Always rejoice, constantly pray, in everything give thanks. For this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”
-1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Are you a thankful observer of the countless indications of His provision, His presence, and His grace? An ungrateful person is a proud person. If I’m ungrateful, I’m arrogant. And if I’m arrogant, I need to remember God doesn’t sympathize with me in that arrogance. He is opposed to the proud.”
– from “Humility – True Greatness”, by C.J. Mahaney

Our New Home in Otjiwarongo

We Have a House – With GRASS in the yard!!!

We have had some small and exciting victories in our move to Otjiwarongo. Though it hasn’t been totally easy, we can tell that the Lord has His hand in this move. Every trip we have made there recently has produced fruit beyond what I’ve become accustomed to.

On a day where I was giving a tour of the town to the Country Director (Rob) and Southern Region Director (Dudley, who oversees all of our activities in Namibia, Lesotho, Madagascar, Mozambique, Angola, South Africa) for Africa Inland Mission we took the opportunity to see a house that was available for rent. I had received a phone call saying that the people who intended to rent this house had backed out at the last minute.

The owners told me their asking price for rent, which was significantly above the maximum amount that AIM would usually approve. Still, we decided to look at the house just so the Rob & Dudley could get a feel for what was out there.

We explained to the owner that the price was too high for us. As missionaries we totally expect to live in rather humble dwellings anyhow. The written housing policy for the Southern Region of AIM would allow us to live in a dung hut, so long as it had plumbing!! So, I saw this as an exercise in “tourism” more than a genuine house search.

When the homeowner heard that we work with orphans and vulnerable children here he commented, “Well, it’s for a good cause” – and just like that he agreed to a rental price with Dudley that was doable. Shortly thereafter we signed the lease agreement for the house, and we now have the keys! Our move date is scheduled for this Saturday, 25 Sept.

We found out through the owner’s brother and sister-in-law that the homeowner just became a Christian in February. The owner said that he felt that it was the will of the Lord that we get that house. The Lord has provided much more than we could ever ask or think. Thank you all for praying for us… it’s obvious to me that this was His provision.

School Situation in Otjiwarongo

One area of the ministry’s expansion into Otjiwarongo that has presented some challenges is getting all of the children into school there. The schools are in-demand because of their higher quality, and so space is limited. We recently turned in applications for 17 children in to 3 different schools. We have three more children who we need to apply for – but they are on waiting lists at two schools (schools sometimes won’t give out applications if they do not have room). We have appealed to the Regional Ministry of Education for help for getting those 3 children into school. Two of those three are Irene and Mcshall.

For the remainder of this school year Irene and Mcshall will be attending school through a distance program agreement with our school in Arandis. We have to drive them back periodically to take their tests/exams. The school year will end at the end of November.

Please pray for:

  • Openings in school for Irene and Mcshall.
  • The rest of all of the children to get good school placement.


We received word that Otjiwarongo Secondary School intends to allow us to enrol at least 6 of our children there. By many accounts, it is the best government school in the country!


ChriseldaJust a couple weeks ago we had a foster mom who has been struggling with serious health issues back away from parenting so she could get the medical attention that she really needs. That left five children suddenly without a parent (currently we have a temporary caretaker looking after them). I was walking the youngest – 10 year old Chriselda- home from school one day recently, and I took the opportunity to ask her how she was doing. Her first answer was, “ok”, but I knew this was just her way of putting on a strong face.

Eventually she admitted that she was confused. She looked up at me with the most pitiful look and asked me “why did mommy have to go? She didn’t seem that sick to me.” This was the only mom she has had since she was old enough to remember. No explanation of health issues was going to satisfy her sweet heart. She is a soft spoken girl who has the most innocent laugh. That day, she wasn’t laughing. Our conversation ended in a tearful embrace. A couple days later, she sat with me and cried in my arms again. I am grateful for the opportunity to love this young girl. I am hopeful for a turnaround soon.

Please pray for:

  • The children in the care of our ministry who need loving parents to look after them in a family setting.
  • The continued need for sponsorships of children. There are still several children without sponsors.

Irene with sponsors Dominick and SimoneIrene and her German Godparents

Irene had a special visit this last week from one set of her ‘Godparents’ (sponsors). Simone and Dominick, a young couple from Germany, were touring Namibia and came to meet and spend time with Irene. Their sponsorship support provides in part for the costs of Irene’s schooling here in Arandis. They also brought along a few gifts for Irene, including the teddy bear she is holding in this picture.

Thank you to Simone and Dominick for caring so much for Irene!

Financial Update

Thank you all for your faithful giving. We were under this month on our personal giving by $620, but because the Lord supplied earlier in the year we are still in the positive for the year.

As far as the funds for child sponsorships, we still struggle to get the money that is needed. There were a couple large donations from last month that helped keep us afloat, and so we are grateful for that. Still, we seek local and international support that is sustainable.

In order to support us directly,

(1) please send donations through Africa Inland Mission to missionary account number 031680001 online at

(2) by phone at 1-800-254-0010

(3) through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)  (automatic monthly contributions can be set up)

(4) or by mail. Africa Inland Mission Int. P.O. Box 178 Pearl River, NY 10965.

To individually sponsor a child, please send your donation payable to:

His Promise Ministries, Inc
1106 Old Mill Run
DeLand, FL 32720
online at

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