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“In all hard work there is profit, but merely talking about it only brings poverty.” ~Proverbs 14:23

This verse was the basis for my lesson to the children in our ministry on Friday afternoon. We brought all of our children that we have in Arandis (62 + onlookers) together on Friday in the Town Hall (multi-purpose building). We worshipped, prayed, played together, and memorized that verse – which I hope sticks with them for the rest of their lives.

As you might imagine, physical poverty is rampant here. There are all kinds of stats and figures to demonstrate that. I can show you pictures of shacks, begging street children, and suffering faces – those aren’t hard to find. What is harder to show is the spiritual and emotional poverty that keeps people in chains. Every time I break out the camera people put on a smile, drunks stand up straight, and scars stay on the inside – so you don’t see the worst damage.

I believe it’s incredibly sad when people choose “safe” and familiar poverty over the glorious riches of our King. How many times we’ve worked with people who KNOW what demons haunt them, and yet refuse to leave them behind?! Kinda like the Israelites who longed to return to the land of slavery as soon as things became difficult in their new lives.

So, I’m writing the Word on the hearts of our children. If they want to be released from chains of poverty, they cannot sit idle and wait for heavenly wealth to be built up by default (Luke 12:21, Psalm 119:14). They must place their investments (trust) in Jesus to provide their every need, and an even greater return. Now it’s their turn – to rise up, study hard, pray with passion, and seek the ways of God with desperation. That doesn’t guarantee worldly riches, but our inheritance is straight from the King who owns it all.

Otjiwarongo Update (We are Moving)

As we mentioned in the last update, we are praying about a move to the town of Otjiwarongo (pronounced like “OH-chee-vah-RON-go”) to continue our ministry there. After much prayer and wisdom from the Lord we believe we need to move forward with this plan. So, I (Steve) am travelling there again this coming weekend to help work out the housing situation for us and the children that will be moving there with us. We plan to move our family there at the end of the school year (which comes at the end of November). There is a mission house that is owned by the Assemblies of God that is available to rent that would provide enough space for our family PLUS some of the other teenagers in our ministry that need to move there to attend school. We are praying through the details of that plan… but we could end up with more children directly in our care – at least for a period of time. The implications of this would be enormous.

One thing that somewhat surprised us as we made this plan was that it seems as if the Lord is asking us to move forward immediately with moving some whole families with us (1 family of a mom and 9 children, and 2 families with a mom and 4 children each). We expected that to wait for some time, but for many reasons we believe God would have us pursue that now. This plan has been submitted to the Board of Directors, and we received the approval to move forward.

In total, we could have 31 children (not including our own) plus 5 foster/house moms that we would be personally responsible for. In addition, we would like to open new doors for ministry there in Otjiwarongo.

Please pray that we hear clearly from the Lord about taking in more children – because of what that would mean to our current family (even if it’s temporary).

Please pray that all of the children in our ministry can find a place in the schools there (which is never a guarantee, even though it is supposed to be).

Please pray for all of the unforeseen issues… because we know this is a big step and we know that there will be challenges and opposition from the enemy!

Heat Wave or Preparation for Ministry??

So, I hear you guys are hot there? Could that mean you’re being prepped for a visit to a certain desert country in Southern Africa?? Hmm?????? (I’m so manipulative).

Financial Update (+Child Sponsorship)

Personal Mission Support – Thank you all for your faithful support the past month. Due to some extra gifts from friends and family we were able to meet our monthly support requirements (i.e., “pay all our bills” J ) with Africa Inland Mission.

Child Sponsorship – while we were in the U.S. there were many people who pledged to provide financial support for children in our care (basic needs + education costs). Just as a reminder, if you made that pledge to sponsor a child we ask that you send in your support directly to His Promise Ministries in the U.S. to the following address:

His Promise Ministries, Inc
1106 Old Mill Run
DeLand, FL 32720

Or via the internet, at http://www.hispromiseministries.org/donations/
Note: An automatic monthly donation amount can be set up.

The recession continues to have a direct effect on the financial support we receive from the United States. Still, we are called to care for the orphans and vulnerable children in our ministry and not to give up based on financial shortfalls. As a ministry that is reliant upon the Lord, we are moving ahead in faith that God will provide all of the funds that are needed.

Please pray that the Lord will provide in our time of need. We want to be solely dependent on Him and not our own ingenuity.

Please pray that the ram in the thicket will come out and show itself (Genesis 22:13).

Our prayer for you this month is that God will fill you with the richness of HIS kind of wealth.

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