Hello from Namibia!

I hope you have been enjoying your “hot” summer! J We feel sorry for you, we really do! At least we don’t get the humidity here. We had some real intense heat ourselves, but have enjoyed cool temperatures of around 70 degrees here with overcast skies for the past couple of days. Sadly, after anxiously anticipating the arrival of winter (June-September) each year now only to be disappointed when the season comes and goes with not much cold, we have finally come to grips with the fact that winter here bears no resemblance whatsoever to winter as we have known it! (kinda like the waterless “rivers”). In Arandis “winter” means only that the nights are bearable and we can have the hope of a cool day or two once every two weeks or so. Still, we take what we can get and boy do we cherish those cool days!

Miss Claire and class - 2010The end of August here in Namibia marks the end of the third term for the school children who go on holiday (school break) beginning this Monday and lasting until the second week of September. Talitha Kumi celebrated the end of the term by having a “Fun Day” this past Friday. Adults and children alike participated in relays and other fun games. Next week a few of our short term volunteers from Germany will be hosting many activities for the children in our ministry including much loved trips to the beach.

This Thursday our family will head off Grootfontein – a town 5 -6 hours northeast of Arandis – for our annual AIM conference which will be from August 26 through August 29. We look forward to a much needed time of refreshment and renewal with our fellow AIMers.

This past month has been quite a mix of difficulties and blessings for the ministry and in our family. We have been blessed with wonderful volunteers who have come to serve from the UK, Germany and America. Claire (shown in the photo) is a young lady from England who has been here since last October teaching third grade. She has been blessed with a class of nine lively girls (one being Irene) and has done a beautiful job of loving each one of them. She has also become a personal friend of our family and we will be sad to see her go after her time is up in the beginning of December! Sandy is another teacher who specializes in math and has been here a few times before so many of the children are getting to know her and look forward to her coming. She has been with us since nearly the beginning of the year and has just left. She did a lot of tutoring in addition to teaching a class. She also helped Kailey with her algebra! Currently we also have three young German volunteers who are helping in the school and in the homes of some of our families. They have been a huge blessing in both places. It is wonderful for us to have people come and stay for awhile with the families, to just be there helping and interacting in their home environments.

Josephine from Germany - 2010Steve has continued to make trips up to Otjiwarongo to scout out the land, speak with officials involved in admitting children into the schools, and to look for housing. He has had many doors open wide which has been very encouraging. We feel as if God is continuing to affirm our decision to make this move. One of the hurdles we had to get past was school registration for not only the high school students but also for our two Namibian girls as well as the primary school aged children of one of the families who will also be going. Even though all children are required by law to attend school here, the reality is, registration is limited. They only take so many children and with Otjiwarongo having such good schools, the spaces fill quickly. We pray that God will make provide the needed spaces for all of the children in school. The other hurdle we still face is finding housing for our family and the other family who will be coming with us.

We continue to go forward in the process of trying to get our girls officially placed with us. We just received Irene’s birth certificate which had to be made new since she didn’t previously have one. That will at least allow us to proceed with paperwork, etc. We received it much sooner than we had anticipated.

Rock ClimbingWe were blessed in April to have a Namibian woman step up to temporarily take in seven of our children who had been abandoned earlier in the year by their foster mother. Her time here is coming quickly to an end though and we still are not sure who will parent these children who have already been traumatized several times by disrupted placements. Likewise we will be losing another mom due to health problems at the end of this month, leaving five children behind. We are still trying to prayerfully determine who will parent these five as well. These children desperately need people to step up and take them in and love them unconditionally and permanently. It is difficult navigating these situations. It is not easy telling children that once again the person they have known as “mommy” is leaving. They always ask deep, relevant questions – and we don’t always have perfect answers. We can tell them about Jesus’ love for them all we want but when all they’ve ever known is abandonment, God’s love is difficult to grasp. It is good that we serve a God who is bigger than our pain and human inadequacies, a God who can make it rain in the deserts of human hearts.

Steve has been really praying for God to provide more opportunities to evangelize and lead people into a relationship with Christ. This past month a lady (Candice) he had been witnessing to on a regular basis since we returned from the U.S. rededicated her life to Jesus. Also, when in Otjiwarongo he met a secretary at a school who obviously has deep-seated racist views. After being at the school twice and speaking with her both times about Christ’s love, Steve is seeing her open up and be receptive to the gospel message!


  • Lots of great volunteers
  • Irene’s Birth Certificate
  • Smooth school registration in Otjiwarongo
  • God’s financial provision for His Promise
  • Candice’s decision to rededicate her life to Jesus

//Prayer Requests//

  • Offical Foster placement of Irene and McShall
  • Provision for 12 children who will need new foster parents in September
  • God’s blessing, wisdom and practical help especially in finding housing for ourselves and another foster family in Otjiwarongo
  • Continued prayer for our family as we go through the process of integrating Irene and McShall
  • The school secretary in Otjiwarongo – that she would be reborn in Christ

Love you guys!
Karrie (& Steve)

P.S. Steve attached a new information packet about the orphan ministry here that he created for the U.S. Don’t get confused by the name – we are officially called Children of Promise Ministries here in Namibia, a partner ministry of His Promise Ministries, Inc. in the U.S.A.

In order to support us directly,

(1) please send donations through Africa Inland Mission to missionary account number 031680001 online at https://www.aimint.org/usa/online_giving.html

(2) by phone at 1-800-254-0010

(3) through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)  (automatic monthly contributions can be set up)

(4) or by mail. Africa Inland Mission Int. P.O. Box 178 Pearl River, NY 10965.

To individually sponsor a child, please send your donation payable to:

His Promise Ministries, Inc
1106 Old Mill Run
DeLand, FL 32720
online at http://www.hispromiseministries.org/

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