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Personal Greeting

“Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him”. Psalm 62.5

A few years ago, my family shared some time in the life of Jonathan. Jonathan was eventually placed in a foster home as his Mom succumbed to alcohol addiction. The young mother died towards the end of January, 2013. As I reflected on her life and the time that I had to share in her life, I was reminded again of how hopeless life can seem. When I first met this young mother she was a professional with a very good job as a personal assistant. What happened? What takes one from the pinnacle of success to the depths of despair. I do not know nor do I understand. I spent considerable time with her as it was my heart’s desire that she would be the mother that Jonathan deserved. In Arandis, we are engulfed in a sea of poverty, despair, hopelessness which results in alcohol, drug and sex abuse. The paramount question is: are we making a difference? Will our children be able to recognize the difference between God’s expectation and that of the world.

What’s Next

  • Teacher Mildred is beginning her Montessori certification course.
  • Teacher Sophi has taken over the leadership at TKCA pre-school.
  • Janis is busy working as a Gardner for three yards on a weekly basis. He is starting to learn the skills of work, tithing and saving.
  • Hailey and Stefanus have been accepted back for gymnastics this year.
  • Sylvia, Friedell and I are focusing our attention on opportunities for financial investments from within Namibia.
  • Salome is attending school in Rehoboth this year. A better government school there will allow her to reach her potential.
  • Chriselda has also entered a public school in Rehoboth. A loving, Christian family has offered to welcome the girls as part of their family while they are in Rehoboth.
  • Auntie Elizabeth took in another child who is part of her extended family. Elizabeth has a real heart for the children of this country and wants to give each an opportunity.

Specific Needs

Pray for God to step into Annetjie’s life in a way that truly catches her attention.

The Grahams are still pursuing the adoption of Irene and Mcshal despite the obstacles government continues to put before them. Pray that God intervenes in a way that opens the doors for this process to come to a close.

Passports are also needed for Mcshal and Irene and we ask God to make a way.

Janis is struggling a lot in school. May I be sensitive to what he can and cannot do.

Work permit renewal is needed for Anna and a new work permit for Teacher Boni.

Ms. Friedell has taken on full responsibility of a granddaughter. May God give her the energy and strength she needs.

Housing issues are unresolved for a few of our teachers.


  • Sannetjie has been enrolled at COSDEC in Swakopmund. This is a community project through which she is learning skills in hospitality. We praise God for His redemptive powers and pray a miracle into this child’s life.
  • For the first year since opening TKCA we have a full staff of teachers and assistants (3 of whom are men!). We are grateful for God’s grace.
  • Continued building on our Montessori classrooms began again in January.
  • Our partnership with a local church in Swakopmund continues to grow.
  • Stefanus is once again back in school. He and I are both grateful for that.
  • Ms. Sharon is back in Arandis and is helping the children tend the garden she began so many years ago. Now tomatoes are being harvested!
  • We were able to secure a hostel for Emily so that she can continue her schooling in Swakopmund within a safe environment.

Personal Prayer Request
May I live a life of expectancy – expecting God to show up on all sides. Not in my power but in his! “ But when God….”

Love, Brenda

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