Greetings to all you saints everywhere;

May the God of all of our hearts be with you and find you well and at peace.

He is Risen indeed!!!



Birthday for Miss Dax Parker…

The 13th of March marks the actual birthday of Elizabeth Dax Parker. She may tell you otherwise, such as her birthday occurs at least 365 times per year. In any event, this birthday marked an important milestone in her life. The Magistrate has concluded that all requirements having been met, she may now be adopted by Ms. Nan Parker. If all goes well, and in a timely manner, she will travel this Holiday between terms with her Mother. We pray this is the case. She also on this birthday received a guitar, and by next birthday, she will reward us with music and song. That we look forward to also.

Click here to read more in Mike’s Easter 2012 Missive (PDF format).

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