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Personal Greeting

“Perfume and incense bring joy to the heart and the pleasantness of one’s friend springs from his earnest counsel.” Proverbs 27.9

I am often asked what it is I miss most about living in the USA.  My answer is always my relationships there.  Having Lea, Kathy, Ron and Susan all here for the past weeks has been a gift from God.  The Lord wants us in relationship with Him and with each other.  Feeling like I can breathe again, I am revitalized for the months ahead.  I love my family and colleagues here in Namibia and am grateful that God has sent me a piece of “home” through my friends.  It will be a long while yet before the children and I return to the USA to reconnect with everyone so this gift has lightened my soul. Thank you as you continue to remember us, pray for us and support us. 

What’s Next

  • New ClassroomTKCA final term for the 2013 school year starts on the 2nd.  Thanks to volunteers and returning teachers we praise God that we can complete this school year.
  • Francy will begin working with our pre school staff to incorporate Montessori methods into our curriculum.
  • We are seeking opportunities for grants that will allow us to complete the two unfinished classrooms.  We need about $30,000 US to fully complete rooms inside and out.
  • Coach Coco and Mrs. Susan join our TKCA staff as short term volunteers for the last term.
  • Ms. Kathy completed an art project with our children before her return to the USA on September 11.
  • Coach Coco - Mrs. SusanWith the addition of Coach Coco the children will have an all out PE program during the third term at TKCA.
  • We will be meeting with possible Namibian retirees in education to ask them to consider volunteering with us in 2014.
  • Ms. Nan continues to prepare lesson plans for all possible classes in 2014.  As Ms. Nan remains dedicated at TKCA she begins to look at what she needs to do on the home front in preparation for hers and Elizabeth’s departure.
  • Christians in Public Education will meet later in September and each attendee will go home with a picture a CoPMN child with their name and prayer request.

Specific Needs

lea-sep2013Prayers are needed for Ms. Jackie’s youngest son, Kerera, as he undergoes his third heart operation in 7 years.  Kerera is a first grade student at TKCA and his Mom is our school secretary.  (operation was postponed from August)

Vuola continues to look for fulltime employment.

As Victoria makes life decisions for she and Mickayla may she remember that God has a plan & a purpose for both her and her 8 month old child.

As Sylvia looks at a much needed break from the Ministry may God lead her in her plans.

As Nan continues to make her plans to return to the USA we are asking God to make His plans clear to those of us who remain about His plans for TKCA.

We need financial support to keep this mission to our children and the community a viable option and we have yet to know from where it will come.


  • riaan-sep2013We remain grateful for the volunteers who join us yearly including Ms. Anna, Ms. Lea, Ms. Kathy, Lucas, Katharina, Ms. Susan & Coach Coco.
  • Sylvia and Richard’s oldest daughter, Francy, had a beautiful and blessed wedding.
  • My children, Janis, Stefanus and Hailey enjoyed a safe holiday in Rehoboth with Vuola.
  • Uncle Mike returned safely to Arandis after a four month hiatus.
  • Riaan is doing well in Swakopmund though the adjustment has been a bit tough.
  • Our friends at SHOFAR continue in their faithfulness to CoPMN – specifically in Arandis.  We learned about planting methods in our desert environment in August!

Personal Prayer Request

May we remain faithful and confident that the Lord will not abandon the work of His hands!

Love from the Namib, Brenda

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