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Personal Greeting

Yesterday as I listened to God’s word being taught, I was overwhelmed yet again with the responsibility we have as a ministry and that I have as an individual concerning the children God has entrusted to us/me.  There is a generation growing up amongst us. “But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” Matthew 18.6.  These little ones were among us in their innocence and belief and they are among us now in their teenage years as they are bombarded from all sides with other than God’s word.  Whew, how do we help them stay focused? We are writing the gospel on these children by what we say and what we do.  It is our responsibility to add value to the lives of those around us – through Him not on our own.  God’s plan is not revealed to us and we never know when it is part of His plan to use us to influence the life of another.  Thank you for your continuing part in this ongoing saga!   My family and I depend on you and thank you!

What’s Next

  • Moving forward on the project for our next school building the children and our custodian have begun preparation of the property.  We will build two new classrooms with the money from Presbyterian Women’s Thank Offering.
  • During the Spring school holiday which started on August 22, the older children are working to get a soccer field and a net ball court erected at  our property out by Ms. Nan’s.  It is our intent to get table tennis for inside the building along with some games and crafts for the children.  For this time and season the ministry will use this property as a small community sport’s center.  We are thankful to be moving forward.
  • The 2013 school year approaches quickly and we have started accepting applications for students and teachers.  May God grant us our needs.

Specific Needs

As we approach different organizations for financial support may God clear the way and prepare the hearts to see ways to help.

Annetjie, now placed in a government children’s home, is struggling with her situation.  Please pray that God will protect her mentally, physically and emotionally.  Sannetjie is also missing her twin greatly and needs prayer to persevere and to know that this separation will pass.

Please pray for our ministry partner Wendy as she lost her beloved husband in August.  They both have been faithful partners with us in Namibia.

Please pray for Janis and Stefanus as it relates to their development.  And for me – I need help as I try to prepare them for their future as best I can.


  • Ms. Nan and Elizabeth have returned safely to Arandis.
  • Ms. Sandy also arrived in August for a three month stay.  We are always grateful for our “extended family” to come back!
  • Our children at TKCA all passed their second term exams.  I am extremely grateful that my children coped well after missing an entire term.
  • The town of Arandis finally brought water to our property edge on the property out by Nan’s.  That move frees us up to use the property more fully. God is good!!
  • Teacher Absalom and I received our work permits.  Both of us received two year permits!!
  • Two organizations from Germany, as possible partners. visited us in August to see what God is doing through Children of Promise Ministries Namibia.  We thank God for those meetings arranged by Him.
  • Our ministry partner, Roland, visited in August and brought some much needed winter clothes for our children.  The weather is cold and we have been short on heavy clothes and warm blankets.
  • Toivo is back at Presbyterian College and has started his sophomore year.  We thank God that there was ample support to pay his fall tuition.

Personal Prayer Request

May your glory, Lord, be reflected in my life.   In His love, Brenda

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