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Personal Greeting

Brenda Johnston and FamilyI can hardly believe it is September already.  The past two years have flown by!!  There are only 14 more Mondays before the children and I will board a plane to JFK.  Yes, the decision is that at the very least,  Hailey, Janis, Stefanus and I will travel.  Trusting God,  our trip is booked and we will be in the states for two months.  After 11 years of trusting God to provide through a myriad of partners,  I am ecstatic that I can just rest in the fact that He has a plan!  Thank you for your continued prayers, love and financial support! 

What’s Next

  • We can move forward with a first phase of building on our school property!  We received a donation to prepare the land, build a fence, sports field, and a small building for housing donated sports equipment.  The same company has encouraged us to put in another proposal for our first classroom building in 2011!  Praise God! 
  • The Ministry of Education in August tells us that our application submitted in February should have been done differently.  Once again we are going in circles.  God alone can bring this nonsense to a full stop! 
  • The trip to Germany I mentioned in my last newsletter has been canceled.  If the  trip is to be made it will not be until 2011. 
  • Ms. Candace has completed her two month commitment that stretched into five and returned to her home.  Ms. Jackie will join us shortly to retake the reins of this household that she had in March while here.  Though it is still a short term solution we are convinced it is best to bring in someone the children know.
  • Ms. Josephine, an incredible asset to us since June, will leave Arandis the beginning of September. 
  • Two senior experts from Germany will join us at the same time. 
  • Lea is teaching at TKCA for the entire month of September.  She has come with a fresh spirit and training in special need children!
  • We must make a plan for Revival and we are investigating a deaf school in Windhoek.  Revival is different than all our other children as she is with us unofficially through the mother who needed help.  We are researching what we have as options.

Specific Needs

Ouma Kitty is suffering with health issues that are leaving her in a great deal of pain and much time in bed.  As Richard and Sylvia make a plan for her living space in Rehoboth may God bless the process.

Mommy Kassie has left us at the end of August to pursue medical help.  She has suffered for years from depression and now it is consuming her….pray that God will take her to the people who can help her!  The children of her family are devastated to lose her yet they understand how sick she is.  Please pray for Chandre, Charmaine, Salome, Revival and Chriselda as they must adjust to a new caretaker in the weeks ahead. 

The ministry financial situation leaves us barely meeting our obligations!  As we begin to look for a larger percentage of support within Namibia may God bless our efforts.

With a move to Ojiwarongo for the Graham family along with our high school children we need housing.  For a country with only 2m population, there always seems to be a struggle for appropriate housing.  May God open doors.


  • Ms. Sandy returned to the US after six months with us!  Her sacrificial giving of love, time, talents and gifts was a blessing to the entire ministry.  We expect her back in 2011. 
  • Ms. Jackie offered to return and help us with the 7 children who were with Ms. Candace.  Though it is another temporary situation it is one that they know (see April news).
  • The team headed by the Knights was here in August.  Made up of young folks from different parts of the US they jumped right in.  Mike Knight Team 2010A picnic hosted by them meant almost 90 of us together at Ms. Nan’s house!  How God has grown us since 2003! 
  • Ms. Julia and Ms. Lea, both young German volunteers, arrived at the beginning of August.  Julia is here for one year and will teach art and music at TKCA while helping Ms. Nan with Elizabeth.  Ms. Lea on her third trip will teach our special need children for the month of September.  Her time here is part of her university training. 
  • Pastor Darin has met with the admission office as well as the office of the President at Dartmouth on behalf of Toivi.  Toivo will reapply for early admission soon and knows that his application will be looked at from a personal basis!  We are so grateful for Pastor Darin’s perseverance.  Friends have paid off Toivo’s outstanding balance at Windhoek International School so that chapter can now be closed.

Personal Prayer Request

Being strengthened with all power according to His might so that I might have endurance and patience! Col.1.11   With love from Namibia, Brenda

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