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Personal Greeting

1Peter 2.9 “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.” How peculiar we each are.  God loves us all very much. We have no idea what God will do with foot prints we leave on the lives of others.  Day by day my life in Namibia can seem overwhelming.  However, I am reminded that God is the God of little things.  With His hands covering mine I persevere.  Remaining grateful for the plans God has for me and this ministry in Namibia it is my prayer that I will live my life in full knowledge of His mercy.  One child at a time you and I are leaving a foot print on the life of others.  Thank you for your continued love and sacrifice.  Our blessings come from above.

coach-coco-oct2013What’s Next

  • Keeping our students focused throughout the third term is a challenge.  Especially those in the public schools need prayers.
  • Coach Coco is running a full fledged PE program on Fridays!  The children are loving it!
  • We continue to seek finances to complete the two new classrooms and to pay for the needed teachers in 2014.
  • Faced with filling the leadership role that Ms. Nan has held for 8 years we trust God for an answer.

Specific Needs

As Riaan struggles on the verge of adulthood may he may remain faithful to Jesus and to the plan that God has on his life.

Mickayla is struggling with respiratory issues that are even hospitalizing her – may she receive the medical help needed.

We remain uncertain about the future of TKCA and need the assistance of Namibians for us to meet our financial obligations.  May God intercede for us in ways that we cannot even foresee.

Considerations for Sylvia’s knee replacements to be done in the USA or Germany on under discussion.  We trust God to make a plan that will allow her to be cared for with His loving care.

miss-jackys-sonGrant proposals submitted for the completion of our two new classrooms.  We are asking for divine intervention as the path is paved.

Ms. Jacky’s six year old son died a few days after heart surgery.  Please pray for the family as they miss this ray of sunshine that God gifted them with for six years.

Possible financial opportunities from the USA have come to our attention.  May God prepare the hearts.

The adoption process in the USA for Irene and Mcshall is not a smooth and easy process.  May Steve and Karrie persevere and work their way through it.


  • We are grateful for the devotion of Coach Coco, Ms. Susan, Katharina and Lucas who are all busy as volunteers at TKCA during the third quarter!
  • We praise God for the refreshment He has provided to a very dry land by providing rain.  His landscape is coming alive.
  • Teacher Boniface received a two year work permit.  This lightens the pressure about teachers for 2014!
  • lea-brendaOur friends at Shofar continue to support us physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Ms. Lea completed her two months with us and has returned safely to Germany to finish her last 1.5 years of training.  She is greatly missed.
  • Ute is working again and though the environment is a bit challenging she is grateful for employment.
  • Lucas is working with Janis one on one during the school day allowing Janis to feel successful with his efforts.  A much needed encouragement for Janis.
  • miss-susan-libraryThe Graham family continue to be renewed and rejuvenated through their travels and time in the USA.
  • Ms. Susan has organized and re-arranged our library to be efficient to use.  We are extremely grateful!!

Personal Prayer Request

May God grant me courage and strength to continue giving as He continues to hold me!

Love from the Namib, Brenda

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