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Personal Greeting

Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord always giving thanks to God the father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Eph. 5.20b As children of God we are promised security, provision, inheritance and to be part of a royal priesthood.  God is extending His kingdom through each of us!  As we live each day it is God’s heart for us to regain dominion of this world we live in.  We use the words daily – Talitha Kumi – which is from Mark where Jesus says to the dead daughter of Jirius, “I speak the kingdom into you – Talitha Kumi”.  The kingdom of God is at hand.  Prayer support, emotional support and financial support help us on this side of the ocean fulfill the purpose God has given us to be an advocate for His children in Namibia.  Your role on the “other side” is vital.  Thank you!

What’s Next

  • We have many visitors coming during the month of October.  The Rothausen’s from Germany will be here along with many of the children’s sponsors.  We are delighted to welcome them.
  • We have interest from some volunteers from Germany for 2013.  Ms. Uschi and her husband will join us in October for one month to work alongside our pre-school teachers.
  • Building on the new building will continue.  The sports complex will begin to be used on a regular basis for team sports.
  • We have had an elder from our extended Namibian family (74 year old from Daniel’s foster family) join us in Arandis.  We have no idea how long she will be with us but for now our home is where she is calling home.  We thank God for His provision that we can share with others as needed.
  • We will begin the search for Janis & Stefanus’s birth mother as daily their desire to see her becomes stronger.  May God grant me wisdom and may we have success in finding her.

Specific Needs

The Grahams lost the “battle” to keep the four San children and they were returned to their family.  However, three weeks later the children were returned to the Grahams while the case awaited further investigation.  Pray that God’s will is done and that the children remain protected throughout this ordeal.

We also pray that the adoption of Irene and Mcshal moves forward without delay.

Our need for qualified teachers for the 2013 school year grows.  As we add seventh grade we will need a minimum of two more teachers. If our Zimbabwean teachers do not receive the appropriate paperwork we will need to replace them as well.  Lord, help us with this challenge of having sufficient teachers.

Stefanus’ time at school has been reduced to only two hours a day.  Please help me pray for guidance as it relates to helping him.

Janis is also falling very far behind academically.  He is now being taught separately and again I need wisdom to know how to best help him.  Janis has a godly spirit with great work ethics and wants to learn but is challenged as a result of fetal alcohol syndrome.

As winter transitions to summer many of our families and staff struggle with flu.  May we do our best to keep ourselves healthy in order to do our best in what is put before us each day.


  • Foundation for new complexBuilding has started on the additional two classrooms for 2013.  The money from Presbyterian Women USA Thank Offering will allow us to touch a minimum of 50 more children in 2013.
  • The new property has been cleaned up and prepared for our sports facility.  We have soccer, net ball, volleyball and table tennis available for our children.  We are so grateful to the many hands that helped with this project.
  • We are grateful for Teacher/Mommy Sophie who is assisting as sports leader for our team sports.
  • Our partner and friend, Kathy, from His Promise Ministries is improving in health daily.
  • Day by day, Steve is able to obtain another “piece of the puzzle” needed to complete the adoption application process for Irene and Mcshal.
  • Ms. Sandy received word that her work visa was approved.
  • We have many young volunteers looking for opportunity to serve with CoPMN in 2013.

Personal Prayer Request

May I remain strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.   In His love, Brenda

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