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Personal Greeting

Hailey asked me the other day, “ouma why do you read your Bible so much?” Her observation and question made me think, though of course, I answered her right away with “ouma needs to know what God wants her to do and she hears God through His word”.  What hit me the most about this is that, as a parent, we are observed 24/7 whether we think our children are watching or not.  With my children there is nothing I want more than for them to know their Savior.  Do I reflect His Spirit and Light in our everyday living – not always!  I am so grateful for Grace and God’s merciful way of distributing it!  Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support!  God uses you mightily in my life!   Look how my children have grown!

What’s Next

  • Whew, what is next?  We recently received a call from the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare advising that Ms. Nan and I should move forward with adoption of our children.  Namibia has not had a positive approach to international adoption but in our two cases it seems that they realize the children are in the best possible situation.   We have already completed our application and returned them to our local magistrate.  Convinced that if this is God’s will it will come to pass, I am moving forward with the process.  Though I have no intention of ever moving to the USA with the boys, I strongly believe that if they know they are permanently part of my family their emotional self will be more secured. Thank you for your continued prayers.
  • Sylvia’s trip to the USA has been postponed until sometime next spring.
  • We are busy screening applicants for our open teaching positions for 2012.  Additionally, we have started accepting applications for students of TKCA and we are off to a good start.
  • Charmaine graduates high school at the end of October.  We are prayerful that she will qualify for one of our local universities.  It has been a long desire of hers to become a social worker.
  • We have been contacted by an American, Austrian and German who would all like to come to work alongside us in 2012.  I am busy with the necessary paperwork for their extended stay.
  • As a ministry, we would like to offer a family camp after the holidays and before school starts.  This is an idea that has been on our agenda for a long time that we have not been able to bring to fruition.
  • Our friends at Grace Community Church in Boca Raton are holding a Celebration Sunday on behalf of CPMN the second Sunday in October to refocus our current sponsors of TKCA students.
  • We continue to monitor our families who have birth family involvement again.  We pray for Gods hand of grace on these families.

Specific Needs

December is quickly approaching and we still need Toivo’s second term tuition.  Please send your donations to Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church, Toivo’s Ministry, 530 Saint Andrews Road, Columbia, SC 29210. Thank you!

Health issues are taking its toll on our current and past staff as well as some of our worldwide partners.  We are asking God to protect and to bring to full health all those who are fighting different diseases.

As Brenda prepares necessary papers for permission from the Namibian government for our volunteers may God clear the path and open the doors.

May God bless the efforts of Grace Community to find tuition sponsors for all of our children at TKCA for 2012.

May the adoption process for Elizabeth, Janis and Stefanus be an easy one!

Continued prayers for our teenagers who struggle with current and past demons!

Mommy Evelyn lost her brother and her mother in one month.  As she and Ephraim attend funerals and commune with their family may they be a light for Jesus.


  • Uncle Mike and Ms. Nan received their work permits for another two years!  Praise God.
  • TKCA celebrated the different cultures of Namibia one morning in September!  Our children did a great job of representing through music and dance a number of different culture groups.
  • Anna, visiting from Otjiwarango, had a great week with her friend, Elizabeth.
  • Our high school students who returned to Otjiwarongo in mid-September have adjusted to their schedule away from their families.
  • Ms. Lea is working one on one with Stefanus on a daily basis working to find his best method of learning.  As the Mom, I am more than grateful for her sacrifice of time and talent for three months.
  • Irene and Mcshal had a nice visit to Arandis during the school break, allowing them time with their extended family.

Personal Prayer Request

May my thoughts be focused on praising God, thanking Him and trusting Him allowing my mind to be in His presence and my feet planted in peace.   In Christ’s Love, Brenda

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