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Personal Greeting

Brenda Johnston & Family October 2010 As I sit under the summer African sky, anticipating rain (that does not come), I know how different my life is here in Namibia.  Years ago now, God removed me from a comfortable place to serve him in a country that I did not even know existed.  Now I have three young children and two adult children.  Only in God’s economy!  Life is changing.  I am so blessed to know that my three young children and I will be back in the USA by December.  My schedule is becoming full and I praise God for the way He opens doors.  The greatness of God is here! (wherever here is!!) In Romans 9.17 the Scripture says: “I raised you up for this very purpose, that I might display my power in you and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.” God’s purpose – that is the bottom line and His purpose for me continues to be on the soil of Namibia.  Thank you for your love, prayers and support as my stay in Namibia is dependent on God’s will and your giving!  Thank you!

What’s Next

Whew, it seems like we have a LOT ahead of us. 

  • It has been very difficult for Kassie’s children to adjust without her.  She is a special Mom and really loves her children! 
  • Jackie Livsey - October 2010Ms. Celeste took the reins from Ms. Lea at the end of September as Lea returns to Germany.
  • Ms. Jackie arrived and is settling in with her 7 cherubs! 
  • The Graham family departed and they have quite a plate full as they prepare for all the upcoming needs in Otjiwarongo. May God prepare the way before them.  
  • We need to find sponsors for Talitha Kumi tuition for 2011 for approximately 30 children ($100US per month). 
  • Posting an advertisement for teachers for 2011 we are anticipating an influx of applications for jobs.  May those who are reviewing and short-listing see the applicants through God’s eyes.
  • Work on the school property needs to get underway.  We are anticipating a start in October.

Specific Needs

Toivo needs to be prayed into university for 2011. 

Ouma Kitty is suffering from heart failure.  Please pray for her and her family. 

Mommy Kassie needs medical help – may God guide her family to the right doctor. 

Mommy Likkie suffers from carpel tunnel syndrome in both arms – pray for a miraculous physical healing.

The Namibian government is looking at foster care as a viable, alternative care solution within our country.  May the Lord give us wisdom as Sylvia and I participate on the driving task team.

God continues to provide each month for our operational needs.  We ask for prayers of thanksgiving and further funding as we continue to grow.  We anticipate 40 children at TKCA in the 2011 school year and will be seeking tuition sponsors for approximately 30 of them!

May God provide to us qualified teachers for 2011. 

We resubmitted an application of registration to the Ministry of Education for grades 1-7 at the end of September.  Could this be the time that we are actually approved? 

Teacher Ilanda’s mother died in September.  May God give her peace. 

Our children attending high school in Otjiwarango during 2011 are already stressing about leaving their families.  The adults in their life need wisdom and understanding as they encourage  them on this needed change for the short term. 


  • As I prepare to leave for the US with three children I am grateful that God has touched the hearts of friends who will assist me financially.
  • Lea Daubenbüchel - October 2010Ms. Josephine returned to Germany safely.
  •  Ms Uschi and Ms. Ulla were of great assistance while here. 
  • Praise God that some of our children who needed glasses received them. 
  • Pastor Alice spent a month with us in Arandis (with a little traveling in between).  She touched many hearts and will carry the message back to the USA for us!
  • Our German staff member, Ms. Lea D. returns to her university studies on October 4th.  She is always an asset to our team when in Namibia and will be missed by all!!  
  • Two specific funders in the USA have provided money for the further education of teacher Amanda and one other preschool teacher.  Praise God for Rebekah Richey who shared the story with her colleagues in Florida!
  • Sylvia and her team finished up on the work with PACT and UNICEF which provided an income for the ministry the past few months.

Personal Prayer Request

As the burden seemingly becomes heavier may I remember that it is your plan that matters and that I am only a pawn for your use!

With love from Namibia, Brenda

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