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Personal Greeting

The story told in II Kings Chapter 2 helps me to understand the importance of divine prerogative. My day to day life in Namibia is oceans away from my previous life.  When I said, “send me, Lord” in 1999 I know now that I knew nothing of what it meant to depend on God for everything.  It is He who decides who ministers to me in what manner and using what method.  It is my role to remain obedient to His call and to His word. This walk on earth that we call life is not easy.  Challenged on a daily basis to remain faithful it is my heart’s desire to allow God to use me to His utmost glory. Thank you for your continued prayers, love and finances!Brenda & Family Nov 2013

What’s Next

  • ms-anna-coach-coco-11-13Whew, the end of the school year is quickly approaching.  Our end of year celebrations will be on November 21 and 26 (pre-school/primary school).
  • An appreciation tea for Nan is planned for November 28.
  • Ms. Anna returns to the USA on the 5th and Coach Coco and Ms. Susan on the 19th.
  • Visitors from Germany and Switzerland will join us for some days.
  • Ms. Uschi continues to work alongside our pre-school staff sharing her knowledge of Montessori methods of teaching.
  • Planning and preparation continue for the 2014 school year.
  • On the 2nd our children who turned 16 this year or who will turn 16 in first quarter 2014 will be the guests of honor at a get together arranged to celebrate them and to bestow a blessing on them.
  • Auntie Sylvia continues to prepare herself physically for a double knee replacement in 2014 and will temporarily remove herself from the day to day operations of CoPMN.
  • Ms. Nan continues to prepare herself for her final departure mid-December.

Specific Needs

We are trusting God to use his family around the world to assist us in meeting our financial obligations in 2014.  TKCA cannot support itself from the limited tuition we charge of $100 US per month per student. Without Ms. Nan in 2014 our entire staff is local staff and therefore all need a salary.  We are projecting a need of a minimum of $10,000 US for TKCA alone starting in January 2014.  We are grateful to all who are willing to give. 

On a personal level I remain humbled by the financial support afforded my family.  Realizing that all is a sacrificial gift made to give honor to God and to allow me to continue as His hands and feet to His children, I thank you. 


Ministry partners in Germany and the USA are looking for ways to assist Sylvia to receive her double knee replacement as a gift.  We need our CEO back and physically whole.


  • Ms. Susan and Uncle Mike continue with their bake club which the children enjoy!
  • Ms. Susan’s medical knowledge as an RN has been extremely helpful to us.
  • Coach’s PE program has proven to be a great success and we have seen the physical results!
  • Lucas takes our kids four days a week to do fun sports such as soccer, running, basketball.  A gift of time and talent he is sharing with our children.
  • Katharina has taken her responsibilities with Stefanus seriously and is working diligently with him.
  • Our 2014 enrollment for TKCA is on target as the community continues to support the school.
  • ms-jackie-11-13The children have had real compassion for Ms. Jackie, the school secretary whose 6 year old son died in September. May God’s miracles be manifested in this generation whose lives we are touching.
  • People are such a gift to us whether in the form of prayer warriors, financial supporters, or volunteers who come.  Thank you!

Personal Prayer Request

In my obedience may I remain focused on God and not on me!  It is Jesus who will carry the “burdens”.

Love from the Namib, Brenda

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