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Personal Greeting

November 2011Praise God for His never ending provision through His people.  Thank you for another year of faithful support.  The Lord has burdened my heart with a trip to the USA again in the next couple of months.  I am trusting God to make a way for the children and I to return to the USA for an extended period of time.  A suggestion was to request for frequent flier miles on UA or DL so that possibly one or more of us could travel that way.  Thanks for letting me know if you have ideas!  My family and I are so  blessed to have so many folks who cover us with prayer, time and finances.  Even recently as I asked the Lord is this really the end of the journey for me (meaning Namibia). I laughed at myself and said “possibly” and certainly I have been blessed greatly by this piece of the journey.  Someone recently shared Psalm 91.4 with me and it is my heart that I claim it and trust it!

What’s Next

  • Oh my goodness, as we look at November we realize that another year is coming to a close.  Our school year will end by the end of November and our end of year activities will be celebrated.
  • Our friend and fellow ministry partner, Ms. Lea will return to Germany.  Another friend and fellow ministry partner will arrive from the USA – Ms. Cheryl.
  • Sylvia will move to Arandis before the end of the month, Rosa Skrwyer and her family have to find another house, and the Benz family from Rehoboth will relocate to Arandis.
  • Likkie & familyAuntie Emily’s house will have some minor renovations.
  • Our children will be returning from Otjiwarango to their families in Arandis.
  • Erwina and Milkiero will return to their birth families.
  • Auntie Likkie will move to another house in Otjiwarango.
  • New board members will join the board and get to know the heart and work of CPMN.
  • Our ministry partners in SC will have a Christmas Craft open house on behalf of BOP/SOH!
  • Adoption of Elizabeth continues and prayerfully Janis and Stefanus will be given into Brenda’s full custody!  May God pave the way for this process to be “painless”.
  • We continue to look for teachers as we have a need for a minimum of one by January.  May God’s will be done!

Specific Needs

December is quickly approaching and we still need Toivo’s second term tuition.  Please send your donations to Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church, Toivo’s Ministry, 530 Saint Andrews Road, Columbia, SC 29210.  Thank You! His recent update indicates that he continues to stay above 80% in all of his courses.

Let us ask God’s favor on volunteer, Daniela, as she returns to Germany and must look for a job.

Our teacher position remains open and we need God’s intervention to bring just the right person for just a time like this.

Anna Gdanian needs work papers to join us for the entire 2012 school year.  May the Ministry of Home Affairs look at our application favorably.

Brenda also needs a renewed work permit or a permanent resident status before she can leave the country again.

As we look for houses in Otjiwarango, may God bring the right landlords and properties to our attention.

Daniela 2011Thanksgivings

  • We were so blessed by Ms. Daniela during her six weeks with us.  We praise God for His continued provision of volunteers who are willing to sacrifice their own agenda to assist His children.
  • Ms. Lea returns home later in November after her fourth trip to us and this one for three months.  We ask God’s mercy and blessing on both of these young German women.
  • Auntie Emily, (birth great aunt of Smithley, Ismael, Riaan and Queen) committed to raising the children to adulthood.  We praise God for this family member who has brought a sense of stability and security to these children!
  • We are grateful to Ms. Anne and Uncle Peter who are with us in Arandis from the UK during November.
  • Lea 2011We praise God for three new board members willing to sacrifice time and energy to help us discern God’s course for CPMN.
  • We also praise God for those who have been dedicated board members the past two years and are now moving off.
  • We had a young guest who visited Arandis to speak to our youth about choices, consequences and living positively for Jesus.  She, herself an orphan, could identify with our children and she brought a strong message.

Personal Prayer Request

His faithful promises are my armor and protection.  It is so easy to lose focus!  May I remain under the wings of His protection and guidance.

In Christ’s Love, Brenda

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