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Personal Greeting

Ouma Kitty, Sylvia’s Mom, went home to be with the Lord at the beginning of October.  We know that she is whole again and in the arms of the Father.  She walked with Sylvia and I from the beginning as we founded HPOMN and she did more than her share of helping with the children placed under our umbrella.  Her presence is greatly missed by all.  Our prayers are with the Beukes family as they adjust to life without Ouma in their midst. We praise God for His plan for eternal life.  Another friend from the community, a local business man, also died in October.  No matter how often we speak about life and how precious it is when there is a death we are taken off guard.  May God give us a heart that appreciates each moment of today – Today!

 What’s Next

  • The end of the school term will be upon us within a few weeks.  An end of year celebration is being planned. November 26, 2010 begins summer holiday here.  We are looking at different ways for our children to have a bit of a break.
  • Ms. Nan and I still have to get visas for our children to travel to the US with us on December 7th.  In fact, I do not even have the passports for my boys yet.  
  • Finding a house that can be used as a place for our students who will study in Otjiwarango in 2011 is still not finalized. 
  • A number of children have turned up with glasses recently as Ms. Uschi incorporated Uncle Mike in a process of having our children’s eyes screened.  
  • We continue to seek help from local contractors who have equipment here in Arandis that could assist us in preparing the property for our new school. 
  •  TKCA will hear the first week of November if we receive our registration for grades 1-7!  
  • Ms. Claire leaves on the 26th after a year with us!! She will be missed!

Specific Needs

Elizabeth entered the hospital the last week of October with an infection in her spine.  She remains in hospital and needs prayer for a full recovery.  She will have surgery the first week of November  to close the hole in her spine. 

Uuapengisa also was admitted to hospital.  Though it has been determined he has TB further tests are being done to rule out any other issues.

 The swine flu has hit Namibia big time.  Pray for protection on the health of this nation.

There has been a measle and mumps breakout in Arandis.  Despite inoculations many of our children have had mild cases.

Mommy Likkie is suffering with what seems like rheumatoid arthritis.  We are trusting God to bring her relief through an arthritis center that is opened in Windhoek where she will be tested and diagnosed. 

Oupa Charles is struggling with a heart condition that pretty much has him bedridden.  Ouma Anna is consumed with arthritis.  Their adult daughter, Lorraine, who helps them with the children in their home had a heart attack the middle of October. 

God we ask for mercy as it relates to all the health issues facing us.  

Passports for Janis and Stefanus are still not issued and our departure date is now only about 6 weeks away.  Please pray that the visa process for Janis, Stefanus and Elizabeth will go easily.

Ute, mommy of Annetjie and Sannetjie has a three year old in her temporary care.  May God grant the magistrate wisdom as the future of this child is determined.


  • Mommy Evelyn and her husband Ephraim both got fulltime jobs in October. 
  • Funding was received so that two of our pre school teachers can received Montessori certification.
  • Steve Graham received a three month work visa while he awaits his work permit. 
  • Our friends, Lon and Val Garber received a two year work permit.
  • We received permission for Janis, Stefanus and Elizabeth to leave the country with myself and Nan.
  • Ms. Jackie is coping with her houseful of children. 
  • Personally, I am extremely grateful for funds that were given to help me pay for the airline tickets to the US in December.  
  • Our colleagues from Germany ended up extending two weeks. 
  • We are so grateful for the time given us by Ms. Uschi and Ms. Ulla as they focused on TKCA.

Personal Prayer Request

May God take care of the details!  My thoughts to stay focused on Him!

With love from Namibia, Brenda

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