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Personal Greeting

It is already April 28, 2013 and I am just now sitting down to write the May newsletter.  Since January of this year my 1050 sq. ft house has become a home for 10 of us!  “Who am I, O Sovereign Lord, that you have brought me this far.” 2Samuel 7.18 God continues to care for our every need.  Reflecting on how my numbers have grown and yet my income as remained the same, I am convinced that it is only through His Grace.  By October 2002, God made it clear to me that he would make a plan.  Daniel is trying to start a business, Vuola is looking for employment, Francina is studying and is researching an “au pair” position in the USA, Victoria is caring for Mickayla while dreaming of the law degree she wants to start at UNAM in 2014.  Janis has just about reached his max potential at TKCA and a plan for his future is yet to be revealed.  Sfefanus is growing and needs help and Hailey is excelling.  Valerie, is in the final stage of her journey on earth and is bitter and miserable about life!  What is the plan, Lord?  I crossed the Jordan alone and now I have many! Thank you for praying with us and for supporting us as we remain faithful to God’s call.

What’s Next

  • School holiday is in full swing and our children and parents are challenged to keep engaged.  Weather in the 100’s daily in Arandis making it difficult to enjoy the outdoors. 
  • Toivo has a break before starting his junior year at Presbyterian College.  He and I remain grateful for all who support his education!  
  • Our second term at TKCA primary is challenged with a shortage of one teacher. 
  • Many volunteers are on their way during June/July/August so we are trusting God for His plan. 
  • Salome is with her foster family in Capetown!   
  • Teacher Anna will return after a quick trip to the states for her brother’s wedding.
  • Before school starts again I have committed to take Chandre to visit her older sister Maderyna who was also once part of CoPMN.  We both look forward to that visit.
  • Teacher Amanda will be going on maternity leave soon. 
  • A plan for the pre-primary needs to adapted.

Specific Needs

We are still down at least one teacher at TKCA starting the beginning of the second term.  As we look towards the future trying to make a proper decision about TKCA may God himself lead!

May a work permit be issued for Teacher Boniface in a timely period.

Adoption process for Mcshal to be completed.

There is a need for a quick turn around on passports for Irene and Mcshal.

The Graham family plans for a 6 month sabbatical to come to fruition -may the details and finances of that sabbatical to be fulfilled.

SHOFAR - CoPMN ArandisJanis’ future – what does it look like and how can I best help.

Lord, allow Sharon’s house sale in Arandis to be completed.  As we lose Sharon’s house as a volunteer house and set up one of our houses on Quail Street may the process be unhindered.

Lord, help our foster parents to have God given insight into the challenges and opportunities before them especially as it relates to their children.


  • Uncle Mike and Teacher Anna received their renewal on their resident permit and work permit.
  • Janis in AustraliaA group from our partner church, SHOFAR, spent a day with us in Arandis painting T-shirts!  Time of fellowship, worship and sharing is always an encouragement to the CoPMN group in Arandis. 
  • Dennis and Smithley were granted school slots in Rehoboth.  Salome’s “adopted” family in Rehoboth is also welcoming Dennis into their mix.  We are so grateful for this family who shares Christ’s love in a hands on way. 
  • Smithley has been invited to join Cristo & Varity’s family in Rehoboth.  Both of these changes are a plus for the children and their emotional growth. 
  • Janis is on a journey of a life time with uncle Mike.  We received this photo of Janis and a new Australian friend in Tenerife!!!

Personal Prayer Request

Wisdom, Lord Jesus, wisdom.

Love from the Namib, Brenda

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