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Personal Greeting

And our time has come to an end… is hard to believe that we have been gone from Namibia for 5 months.  God has given us a gift of time that is precious and uncommon.  Through friends, family and the beauty of God’s creation all of us have been filled.  Personally, I will return to Namibia with a soul that has been encouraged and filled, a physical body that is rested, and a mind that is ready to tackle the issues at hand.  From mid-March to the end of April, we traveled from the east coast to Colorado and back.  We saw friends and family along the way.

It has been 12 years since I have seen a Spring and of course we saw Spring at every turn.

We are a blessed family and I praise God for the people in our lives.

My children cannot begin to remember the places we have been but they do remember the people!  We will miss our family and friends deeply.  Thank you that you stay in touch through email and snail mail.  Thank you for your prayers, love and support. We will miss you!

What’s Next

  • On Friday, April 4 we will depart Charlotte with 12 suitcases in tow on Jet Blue to JFK.  The following morning we depart for Namibia.  As we transition back into our life in Namibia may God grant us a peace and calm.
  • School holiday is until the third week in May so all of our children are busy or not so busy with activities outside of school.
  • Ms. Nan and Elizabeth are in the USA for a short respite.
  • Janis, Stefanus and Hailey must return to TKCA after missing a semester and adjust into life in school.
  • The Grahams continue with 10 children in their home and a ministry to the people who live at the Otjiwarango dump.
  • His Promise Ministries and Kinder und Familienhilfe Namibia continue to explore new ways to assist us with projects needing financial support.
  • Toivo completes his freshman year at Presbyterian College and will start summer school in Clinton.
  • Our friends, Fred and Linda Knight will visit in May with Fred’s parents.

Specific Needs

Our journey to Namibia will be long and extend over three days.  May God take care of the details of so much luggage, motel stay in JFK, and our reentry into Namibia. I am returning without a valid work permit in my passport.

As Nan and Elizabeth spend time in Florida we ask that God will grant Nan rest and refreshment through her network of friends and family.

Annetjie, Sannetjie and Ute need prayer for God’s protection and peace.

The Namibian board will meet in May and we ask for wisdom and discernment.

Our German partners are seeking partners now to assist specifically with the expansion of TKCA and the teachers needed to do that.

Janis, Hailey and Stefanus need prayer as they return to a world without the support system we have come to appreciate and enjoy while in the USA.

Our volunteer teacher, Ms. Anna, had to return to NH as Home Affairs would not issue her a work permit. Please continue to pray for work permits for Brenda, Josh, and all Zimbabwean teachers who are still awaiting the outcome of their applications.

The adoption of Janis and Stefanus will progress upon our return and we ask God to clear the path.

A foster family is still needed for the sibling set of 4 who stay with the Grahams currently.

We have many teenagers in our care and we ask for daily prayer that they will remember the foundation on which they have been raised.

As we request further scholarship money for Toivo may our efforts be blessed.


  • Oh my goodness!  As I have said to many there are not enough words to express my thanks for the gift of time that we have had in the USA.
  • Friends and family have given us time and invested themselves in us throughout the past 5 months.
  • My children have grown leaps and bounds both physically and emotionally with the investment.
  • A specific thanks for my friends John and Sandy who cared for my children for 1 month.
  • Sylvia had a successful visit to Germany with new ideas on the horizon.
  • We praise God for His perfect plan, His protection and His provision.

Personal Prayer Request

May God protect us and go before us as we return to our home in the desert.

In His love, Brenda

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