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Personal Greeting

“Today if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts…”Hebrews 3.7-8a As happens from time to time as I live in a foreign land, I become disheartened and question God’s desire for my life.  These words from Hebrews spoke volumes to me this month as I struggled with my own desires and selfishness.  Yes, there are days that I think of a life in America similar to what I had “before”.  May the God of grace allow me to be a light for His kingdom in my daily living even when I “think” I should be somewhere else. Obedient to Him and His word is the ultimate goal of this journey called life!  Many blessings to you!

What’s Next

Three full weeks of school holiday are ahead of us!!  That means that Mommies have lots of time to help their children fill!  All of the children completed first term and have done well.  We are challenged to assist our children who are in the public school to achieve their best.  In the long run it would be in their best interest to get into private school or for us to be able to expand TKCA to include middle school and high school.  Our children that had to leave TKCA for public middle school are struggling on many levels.  Some of our children have been invited for the holiday and will travel to visit with family or extended family.

  • Toivo graduates at the end of May.  We are grateful that his tuition only has an outstanding amount of $400US!  May God receive the glory for the grace shown on this young man’s life!  Two of Toivo’s friends are traveling to Namibia to be part of this step into his next phase of life’s journey!
  • Our partner and volunteer staff member, Don, is working hard on our new website which can be found at:
  • Ms. Claire returned to Arandis with her Mom so she will be here for the beginning of the second school term at the end of May. New designs for BOP/SOH are keeping many of our mommies busy!  Our mommies are blessed with creativity and perseverance which assists them in earning income while allowing us more product to sell in support of our children.  God is good!
  • Sylvia will be hosting a training seminar on caring for orphans and vulnerable children during May.  We praise God for those folks who are interested in such an opportunity!  May God use Sylvia as a tool to share His heart and plan for His children!
  • AREVA, a French owned uranium mine, is seriously considering our proposal to prepare our new school property for building!  A recent meeting encourages us to look forward to a positive response to our proposal!!

Specific Needs

Our need for tuition sponsors continues.  Each child attending TKCA needs tuition equivalent to $100US per month.  If anyone wants to contribute towards education please send your donation to His Promise Ministries, 1106 Old Mill Run, Deland, FL 32720.  Check memo should be marked TKCA Tuition, Namibia.  Being a forever foster parent is not an easy undertaking and it takes a specific kind of individual to love someone else’s children unconditionally.  All of our existing families have children of their own and they have taken in from one to six more to love and raise in a Godly fashion.  We pray for the day  that we will have a waiting list of parents to care for our children.  There is always an abundance of children who are in need. May God grant us wisdom as we have a number of children becoming teenagers.


Red & Wendy OrffWe give God the glory that friends here and abroad continue to support this ministry in prayer, finances and as volunteers!!  Each month is another miracle as God provides for the operational needs of our ministry as well as caring for the needs of the foreign volunteers. Uncle Red and Ms. Wendy arrived in Arandis for a 3 week stay with us the beginning of April.   Once again, we called upon our foreign volunteers to step in as “parents” while a mommy attended a training in Windhoek for preschool teachers. Many of our children had a chance to visit family or extended family during holiday.  We are grateful for their opportunity.  Ms. Nan was invited to an official meeting held by the Ministry of Education which indicates to us that our registration will be forthcoming!!!   Ms.Sandy, Ms. Nan and Elizabeth will have a bit of a break during the May holiday while visiting Capetown! May God take care of all the details.

Personal Prayer Request

God has me on a path of growth that is not always easy to face.  May the Spirit that cries out on my behalf help me to keep my heart soft, my mind focused, my love pure and my dedication steadfast.  Our preparation is for what is yet to come! .

From Namibia with love, Brenda

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