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Personal Greeting

It is with a heart of gratitude that I say thank you for your ongoing prayers.  Finding myself outside my comfort zone on a day to day basis I find peace in the knowledge that God hears the prayers of those who love me.  I could never have imagined how difficult my life would be here in Africa.  Not because it is Africa but because daily I find myself facing situations that are not part of my core experience.  God took my easy, comfortable and predictable life and exchanged it for personal challenges of a nature I could not imagine.  Though it feels at times that I am alone with the multitude of challenges before me, I know that my God has not forsaken me.  Our God is a just and glorious God and I thank Him daily for you!  May His riches rain forth over your life as you continue in obedience to His work.  I am humbled and grateful for your love!

What’s Next

  • Whew, we are already coming up on test time for first term.  This year seems to be “flying by”.  Many of our children are participating in dance and music at the church including some in leadership.  Some of our 7th graders have taken it on themselves to teach some 6th graders how to play the guitar.  This allows our tradition of music to continue at TKCA!
  • Parent meetings are coming up as we update parents on our school progress.
  • Janis is doing well working with an assistant and I am so grateful for the opportunity he has for help.
  • Stefanus has a different teacher this year who is challenging him beyond what he is used to.  He is rising to the occasion.

Specific Needs

sylvia-richardSylvia and Richard need constant prayer as they are away from their homeland in order for Sylvia to get a knee replacement.  They are in Germany and Sylvia is to have one knee replaced now and the second done in July.  May God grant Sylvia a successful operation, a time of strong rehabilitation and even some time of renewal and relaxation.

Pray that Mike Knight’s arrival in Namibia for fulltime service is seamless.

The Graham family is still awaiting a work permit. They are unable to reenter Namibia without one.

May God’s will be done! Pray for this nation as the violence towards women continues to escalate.

I am once again attempting to get a Permanent Resident status.  May my request fall on fertile soil.

Pray for Stefanus as he leaves the house at night after we have gone to bed and wonders around the streets until all hours.  Obviously a huge concern is safety.

Victoria has started classes at UNAM and needs prayer for focus, safety and tenacity as she tackles a degree in Law.

Pray that the minds and souls of all my children will be open to God’s word and to the knowledge that is being taught in the school.  We pray for good health for our family and staff.


  • We praise God that we are meeting our financial obligations on a monthly basis.  We thank God for our faithful staff and families in Namibia and our worldwide partner groups.
  • We thank God for the support group in Germany who will assist Sylvia and Richard through the next six weeks.
  • We are grateful for the committed families who are caring for the OVC’s in our care.
  • We praise God for His continued provision.  We thank God for the plans He has for us.
  • Grateful for our Montessori method pre-school we trust God to use this program to further His plan. Each child is a gift and we thank God for His trust in us as it relates to those children in our care.

Personal Prayer Request

Don’t have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments because you know they produce quarrels! And the Lord’s servant must not quarrel; instead he must be kind to everyone.”

II Timothy 2.23-24  This bible verse was used at our Monday assembly and I was reminded how much I allow myself to get into quarrels especially with my adult children and teenagers.  And then I think, how well do I exemplify Christ as I allow my self control to go unharnessed?  May God grant me His grace and mercy and may I become kind and loving – not resentful.

My family sends love from Namibia.

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