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Personal Greeting

“..that your charitable deed may be in secret; and your Father who sees in secret will Himself reward you openly.” Matthew 6.3-4. I continue to be humbled by God’s care and love for not only me but for all those around me. My extended African family continues to grow. Recently, Victoria, who I have known since she was five (The Ark) asked me why I am helping. I thought to myself, why wouldn’t I? God continues to bring more and more children into my realm of mentoring, supporting emotionally, and assisting financially. Aside from Toivo being educated in the states, Francina is pursuing a degree in Business Management and Victoria is pursuing a law degree. Of course, more children will be following – Salome a good example. Encouraged to see a number of young adults studying despite the challenges they have encountered in life gives me hope. Hope that there can be a generation of youth who know the Lord, reaching out to give back to the world which fed into them.

What’s Next

francina-victoriaWhew, the adventure continues.

  • TKCA is on track and we have a full set of teachers actively engaging the children.
  • Our Montessori teachers in training continue with their course study.
  • We have received enough computers from Labdoo in Germany to set up a learning lab for our preschool children.
  • Our building project is continuing with a local Arandis builder. We are excited about the potential in this project.
  • Our friends at Grace Community and His Promise are busy matching donors to children for the TKCA tuitions for 2013. We trust God for the 100% return we need on this project.
  • Two volunteers have arrived from Germany to give us a hand at TKCA for the next 7 weeks. We are always grateful to have additional hands and feet in the ministry.
  • Ms. Di, a volunteer from South Africa, continues to work alongside our mommies and our teenagers with two different agendas. Her soft spirit is a blessing as she extends herself allowing others to open up their hearts.
  • Victoria (from my days at The Ark) will start her distance learning course in law.
  • Francina (from my days at The Ark) is settled with an Australian couple in Swakopmund living and working with them while she continues her degree in Business Administration through distance learning.
  • Emily is settled at the hostel in Swakopmund during the month using our home as her base during holidays and out weekends.

Specific Needs

Many of our children struggle with an acceptance of themselves as creatures of beauty and purpose.

May God heal the hearts and souls of these children that they can accept themselves.

Pray for Chriszelda who decided to return to Arandis.

Pray that God will show Sylvia a solution to her knee problems.

See Prayer Calendar.


  • We are grateful for Nan’s continued commitment to TKCA.
  • Salome enjoys her new school in Rehoboth and has been taken in by the Pineer family as a home away from home. We are so grateful for the opportunity afforded Salome who has decided her future lies in her decisions!!
  • Our fifth, sixth and seventh graders had an opportunity to experience a desert tour with Tommy’s Desert Tours. A gift organized by a friend from Swakopmund who made the connection and the plan for us. The entire experience was a gift! Praise be to God and may all involved be blessed.

Personal Prayer Request

There is no way for me to ever appropriately thank each person involved in this ministry through prayers, love and financial support for my family and for the ministry. God knows each of us by name and He knows our hearts. It is our prayer that God will bless you in miraculous ways on a daily basis.brenda-children-3-2013

Love, Brenda, Janis, Stefanus, Hailey, Francina, Victoria and Emily


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