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Personal Greeting

Travelers Return HomeWhew, has my transition back into Namibia been difficult!  Each time I return the entry is a bit different.  Our trip over the ocean was uneventful and the children did incredibly well! They are already “world travelers”.  All of our luggage arrived and the only thing missing seems to be a pile of old family pictures that I had packed.  It is an odd thing to go missing knowing that I had computers, clothes, shoes, medicines, etc. that would have been much more interesting to take.  I am grateful to God for all the prayers said on our behalf as God’s protection did surround us! Arriving back to a developing country is a bit of a shock.  Nothing goes easily.  Just trying to access unlimited internet in order to eventually get set up with SKYPE is proving to be an ordeal.  My children and I were so surrounded by love while in the USA that the contrasts of our Namibian life and that of our life in the USA is massive. “ Grant me the grace to fulfill my pledge of loyalty and service…” Isaiah 61.  We praise God for your prayers and loyalty in service to myself and my family!

What’s Next

  • On Febraury 23rd we received a call from the Ministry of Education asking for our new application.  It seems that they have no issues with the application we submitted in October 2010 and that we are allowed to be operating through 5th grade in the 2011 school year.  We have to complete a couple of small items and they will submit our application in June to the committee who will register us permanently!  This it seems is a gift from God. 
  • A third grade teacher arrived and started with us on the 21st.  Though she is not fully qualified she has been teaching for 5 years. 
  • Sylvia  again is being used by the government and outside consultants as the “go to” person for any issues that have to do with childcare.  We are so blessed to have this woman as the head of this ministry.  
  • Children of Promise - OtjiwarangoOur children in Otjiwarango are struggling emotionally with the separation from their families.  Auntie Sylvia has dedicated much of her time and effort to help them in their adjustment to schooling away from family.  It does seem that the academic adjustment has been OK for the majority. 
  • Our children from TKCA who entered 5th grade this year are struggling a bit as part of 40 student classrooms.  There is such a disparity between our small classes at TKCA and the public school. 
  • In March, we are starting tutoring sessions for our 5th graders. 
  • Uncle Mike is tutoring Charmaine this year with a goal of assisting her to graduate with the minimum number of points required for university.  Our public school system makes it very difficult for us to be successful at educating our children beyond what TKCA does!

Specific Needs

As Sylvia is called on by the government and external consultants may she have God’s heart and eyes as she advocates for His children vulnerable and orphaned in Namibia.

May the details of Toivo’s acceptance into university go smoothly and without too many road blocks. 

As many mommies parent children with special needs may God give us incredible wisdom and insight into how to best help them excel. 

Our children who are no longer in the safe and caring environment of TKCA need prayer for their safety and protection as they leave their home each day. 

May God instill in our families and staff a heart that appreciates the awesome responsibility we have caring for His children.  TKCA is still short a minimum of one teacher for the 2011 school year. 

May God open doors that we are not even aware of!

Continue to pray for the health of our staff, especially Sylvia, who carries such a heavy burden of responsibility.


  • All of our children at TKCA and some of our public school children are fully sponsored in their education for 2011!  Through our partners at Grace Community Church and through some additional partners of Ms. Nan Parker God has secured the financial needs of TKCA for 2011!  We are so blessed and thankful!  
  • Ms. Jackie has confirmed her return to Arandis towards the end of March.  A capacity of mommy to four Namibian children will keep her time busy. 
  • German PartnersWe are so grateful for Ms. Friedell, a longtime staff member who stayed with these children since mid January in anticipation of Jackie’s return. 
  • God is faithful! Toivo is in Arandis and working at TKCA as a teacher’s assistant in the morning and as a middle school tutor in the afternoon.  As he awaits his acceptance at Presbyterian College we are grateful for his heart to serve.
  • Partners from Germany visited and hosted a braai the end of January.
  • Personally, I want to once again thank all my family and friends who extended their love and hospitality to my children and me.  Our lives have been so blessed!

Personal Prayer Request
Grace.  With love,  Brenda

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