Personal Greeting

How is one reminded you are in Africa?

When a spider is in your salad, and you calmly kill it with your knife, throw it out the window, and keep eating!!!  Yes, a true story at my dinner table a few nights ago.  From time to time the realization that I really am in Africa hits me straight on.  Right now,  as I listen to all the end of the month sounds outside my window I even realize that I live in a Location (sometimes referred to as township) Houses on top of houses, music blaring, people talking, dancing and drinking.

Difficult at best, to try and have a private life…life in the Location is for all to see and participate in!!  Holler out the name of anyone of us if you need something….we come to see what’s up.  I chuckle to myself as God has brought it to my attention that my life is far from what I left back in 2000.

I have started my 11th year of ministry and my family, friends, and passion are where I am in this “foreign land”.  I remain grateful that God gave me a heart of courage to embark on this adventure.  There are not words enough to express my thankfulness to God for you! Humbled by my ability to remain in service, I thank God daily for your passion and faithfulness in supporting me and my ever growing family.  Thank you!  May God bless you in ways you cannot imagine.

What’s Next

We are on the path to registration yet again for TKCA.  This time we are applying for grades 1-4 only.  We have expanded our current, temporary building so that the four grades can be under one roof.  This allows us a chance to expand the preprimary as well as we have a long waitlist for this school.

  • Ms. Sophie, one of our newer mothers, is a trained pre school teacher so she will start with us on March 1.
  • Don and Jackie, returning friends from NH will be here by the 5th of March for one month.  Don creates our websites for us and will work on our new look as His Promise Ministries Namibia.
  • Ms. Sharon is networking to get our middle school students into special math and science classes.  We so appreciate her heart for our children and for their success.  Ms. Sandy is back with us and will be here for six months.  We are so grateful that God has made Arandis, Namibia her second home.  Once we get her work visa she will be working full time at the school.

Specific Needs

As we apply yet again for our TKCA lower primary registration we ask God to show us favor through His people at the Ministry of Education.  Work visas and work permits are again difficult to obtain.  Ms. Sharon needs an extension on her tourist visa and Ms. Sandy needs a work visa.  The Grahams already are up for a work permit renewal as well.  Uncle Mike will need his pensioner status extended by the end of May.  Oupa and Ouma Charles buried their second born on February 28.  He died of cancer after a long illness.  Pray for a peace over them.  Our children in public school are suffering at the hand of the other children.  Please pray for God’s protection over the children who up to this year had been in the protected and encouraging environment of TKCA.  We have many young boys and girls who are entering their teen years – boys and girls interested in each other.  Our climate here is one of sexual freedom in the midst of a disease that is killing the nation.  Pray God’s protection over our children and that they will have hearts focused on Jesus.  Annetjie and Sannetjie are struggling at school…may God give them a desire and a vision for what education will mean to their future. His Promise is still working with the IRS to be recognized as a 501 c 3.  May God show His favor on our application.


Ms. Nan’s work permit was renewed.  Ms. Sophie is willing to work as a preschool teacher.  Our pre school can support itself with a little extra to help with the primary school costs.  My two additional children have adjusted to the lifestyle at auntie Brenda’s house and after a year, Stefanus told me that he likes it here!  Our mommies have come together to make food for the funeral arrangements of the Charles family. We are grateful to be an extended family that can help in times like this.  God receives the honor for the work that he is doing in the life of Daniel and Vuola.  Mr. Manga, headmaster at our middle school, is actively trying to assist us with our school registration.

Personal Prayer Request

May I rely on the power of God who saved me and called me with a holy calling, not according to my works but according to His own purpose and grace..From Namibia with love, Brenda

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