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Personal Greeting

Last night I sat up listening to the noise of hopelessness in our small community of 6000.  As one of two pay day weekends this month, the streets were full of music, broken bottles, racing cars, arguments, unrest.  Sleeplessness did not come from the noise but from the sense of despair that surrounds us – not necessarily a phenomenon of Arandis alone.  A combination of poverty and alcohol breed despair. I could do nothing more or less than pray.  Satan hates us to persevere in prayer and thus we must continue without ceasing.  Personally, I find these end of the month weekends that turn into a week more difficult to cope with as the years go on.  Challenged constantly to consider what is best for the children God has entrusted to me, I have to ask where, when, how. “if anyone serves, he should do it with the strength God provides , so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ.” 1Peter4.11b As we serve together in this ministry to God’s children may we do it all in His strength.  Thank you for your commitment in prayer, love and finances.

What’s Next

  • TKCA second term is in full swing. Though Ms. Anna’s return from the USA was delayed, Ms. Nan has been able to make a plan with the other teachers available.  We have the part-time help of Victoria currently and another volunteer from SHOFAR church in Swakopmund.
  • Riaan has been accepted at COSDEC, a community based project in Swakopmund, to learn the hospitality business.  We intend to make a plan for him by mid July so that he can get started.
  • Successive planning is a continual challenge before us.  Thank you for the continued prayers as we make decisions about the ministry.

annetjie-sannetjie-stefanus-janis-june2013Specific Needs

Please continue to pray for Annetjie and Sannetjie who are both currently looking for jobs. Annetjie has come home to Swakopmund and is living with Ute and Sannetjie.

Pray for God’s grace and redemption.  As our children continue to grow and plans for their futures become so much more diversified may God grant us wisdom and discernment.

May the visa process for Mcshal and Irene move forward without delay and may flights be available for all 8 of the Grahams to get to the USA.


  • janis-clemons-june2013Janis arrives home safely after his 3 week trip by ship to Italy, by train to Germany and by plane back to Namibia.  I am so grateful for the opportunity Janis had to experience “the world”.  He and Clemens (Ms. Lea’s younger brother) even ran a 5km race which was a fund-raiser for CoPMN!  God is good!
  • Mcshal and Irene are both adopted and their Namibian passports are secured.  Now a visa approval by the American Embassy and the Graham family will be on sabbatical for six months.
  • Beuzetta, Papa Frank and Mommy Beulah’s oldest birth daughter gave birth to a healthy boy in May.
  • chandre-maderyna-june2013This family was also able to visit Chandre’s older sister Maderyna who seems to have found her feet for now.  Many of you remember Maderyna and can see in this photo that she is on a path of personal growth.  It did my heart well to see her.
  • Sylvia and Richard and their family had a safe and restful trip to Capetown and back.
  • Uncle Mike is visiting with our friends in Germany and finding out information on our Labdoo computers and many other things.  We are thankful that he is willing to take his holiday and still represent us and gather information for us.
  • salome-june2013A week before school started, Ms. Friedell’s cousin who taught in the public school system for 33 years offered to be one of our upper primary school teachers.  God always takes care of the details.
  • Salome had a wonderful trip to Capetown with the family she is with in Rehoboth.
  • Dennis and Smithly are situated in Rehoboth and have begun their school careers there.  We are grateful for the Pienaar, van Wyk and Visagie families for opening up their homes to Salome, Adisha, Smithley and Dennis.

Personal Prayer Request

May I remember to look up!

Love from the Namib, Brenda

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