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Personal Greeting

As I face the challenges of each day I am always reminded that it is by grace that we walk from one day to the next.  I look at my children and then at me and wonder how can it be that God has entrusted them to me?  With my follow up question being, and now how can I best help them!  Being blessed to have so many who share in my challenge is a gift from God.  I cannot do it alone!  I lose my peace, power, protection and provision when I allow my focus to move from He who brought me here. He uses you to encourage me and to remind me that it is through Him that I am here.  News from the USA as it relates to the recession and the very hard economic times highlights God’s hand in my life and in that of the ministry.  Month by month all of our needs are met – you continue to give sacrificially.  “Your gifts are a fragrant offering, an acceptable sacrifice, pleasing to God. And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” Phillipians 4.18-19. Thank you!

What’s Next

  • During June, Natalie, our short term volunteer will be working with our children individually on how to look at life and oneself through God’s eyes.
  • We are already looking at plans for the 2012 school year as it relates to the physical building and do not presume to have all the answers.
  • Mommy Rosa has asked to take on full responsibility for her family (Charmaine, Salome, Chriselda and Seth) and we have agreed.
  • Mommy Celeste by mid June will become a relief mom as she continues to work as a preschool teacher at TKCA.
  • Toivo will leave Namibia on June 28th and will be welcomed by his host family Dave and Alice Odell in Columbia, SC!
  • A visit from our German partners is expected the first week of June!

Specific Needs

As we continue to seek new areas of funding for not only our children but for the growing operational costs that we have, may God grant us wisdom and insight.

We have had our share of challenges as it relates to getting our books properly audited in Namibia.

May God open a window for each door that seems to close.

Ms. Friedell will have surgery on June 8th – may God give her peace and the doctor steady hands and an insightful mind.

Mommy Rosa seems to be adjusting to her life and responsibility in Arandis.  May God give her the strength and dedication, one day at a time, to remain faithful to her children.

Pray for Jonathan who will be placed in a children’s home and for his mommy to realize the havoc that alcohol is causing her and her children.

Chandre and Salome had extremely poor results during first term – pray for them specifically on this front.  May all of our high school students realize the importance of their education and focus their efforts on learning accordingly.

Continue to pray for Victor who has still not been diagnosed on his limp , left arm.

A reminder that funding for Toivo should be sent to: Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church, Toivo Thomas Ministry,  530 Saint Andrews Road, Columbia, SC 29210


  • Give a Child a Family, working in South Africa for the past 20 years, with a very similar mission and vision has offered to help us as we grow.  They are willing to share with us all of their best practices learned over years of trial and error.  We are so blessed by this opportunity and give God thanks!
  • Toivo received his four year visa with no issue. Our AIM volunteer, recently graduated from college and about to be an Admission Counselor when she returns to PA in July is helping Toivo weed through all the pre-arrival paperwork and decisions that have to be made.
  • Ms. Jackie arrived in Arandis and will be with us until mid August.
  • Sylvia and Amanda are doing well with their Montessori training and Teacher Amanda will incorporate some of what she is learning during second term.
  • Our children all returned to TKCA refreshed and ready for second term though a bit cold the first day.  With our official registration through 7th grade we are able to bring Riaan back to TKCA where he can receive the individual attention he needs.
  • We remain so grateful that God’s people around the world are faithful to His work in Namibia.
  • Our friend, Roland, visited with us for some days in Arandis along with some of his Namibian children who joined our children for fun!
  • Sylvia finally has some help with BOP/SOH as her daughter and a friend help in the creation of items to sell.
  • God is so faithful to us and we remain humbled by his love!
  • A small team from SA joined us offering a fun afternoon for our children.

Personal Prayer Request

May I remember to give my mind a rest in order to relax my body regaining my awareness of God!  With love, Brenda

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