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Personal Greeting

Today is the day the  Lord has made.  I shall rejoice and be glad in it!!  I was given a book in May called, ‘Every Day deserves a Chance’ by Max Lucado.  By design or by default it, of course, was just the book I needed to read.  I have been taking a personal, spiritual inventory of attitudes such as gratitude, forgiveness, mercy, grace, love, hope and faith.  Reminded once again that this life is not about me but about the purpose for which I am on this earth!  Too many of my days have been about me!  Yesterday is gone, tomorrow not yet here and today is where I must live!  Being grateful for the blessings rather than grumbling about the short falls I am asking God for patience as I work on a new tune!  Over ten years I have been in Namibia and you have been a faithful and consistent partner in this ministry.  I can never express my gratitude sufficiently for your love, support and prayers over the years.  As summer approaches may God bless your activities and fellowship, one day at a time!

What’s Next

  • School has restarted after a month long break and all students and teachers have returned. 
  • Steve and Karrie returned so Irene and Mcshal are back with their family. 
  • A new mommy has joined us…..someone we have known for a while. 
  • Candace has decided to remain with us for a few more months.  She has done a very positive job with the children in her care. 
  • Finding a way to adequately educate our public school children has become a priority. 
  • Talks of recruiting more Namibians for key roles in our ministry have surfaced. 
  • Sylvia has been requested to be part of another possible special task force dealing with the foster care possibilities in Namibia.
  • Toivo is looking at an unsure future as he graduated from Windhoek International School’s IB program at the end of May.  He has not received a final word from two universities he is interested in so he is researching different options.  
  • One of our long standing German sponsors is about to send their daughter to us for three months.  She will arrive at the end of June to assist us in the school while living with Likkie and her family. 
  • God is pressing on Sylvia’s heart that He wants her to focus on healing, counseling, and uplifting of His children (of all ages).
  • Change again is upon us as we look at our current positions as compared to what God has called us to be.

Specific Needs

We are asking God to show Toivo clearly what his next step is.  The fact that he has not had a rejection or an acceptance at Brown or Dartmouth leave these two doors open.  Additionally, there may be a possibility for a good paying temporary job for the next six months.  No clear cut options but lots of opportunity! 

The details of development of our new property for the school need to come into focus.  Ministry work continues with continuous joys and challenges.  Please pray that God will increase our faith and trust in Him while giving us courage to make changes where needed.  As we consider options for our children in public school may God direct our decision.  Looking ahead to the next twelve months for TKCA we must begin to consider our needs and how they can be met. 


  • Toivo has completed his IB program at Windhoek International School.  Though his final results will not be out until July we are assured that all 13 students have passed.  As Toivo wrote on his facebook page, he is thankful for all those around the world who supported him with prayer and finances! 
  • Pastor Darin and Casey Hayes from New Hampshire made the trip to Namibia to support Toivo at this time of transition! 
  • Steve and Karrie Graham and family have arrived back in Arandis. 
  • Caroline turned 21 in May, a milestone birthday in Namibia.  A celebration of her life so far and a blessing for that to come was part of the festivities in May.
  • We praise God that our operational needs continue to be met each month.  Our partner organization in the US, His Promise Ministries, 1106 Old Mill Run, Deland, FL. 32720 and our partner in Germany, Kinder und Familienhilfe Namibia continue to accept financial donations on our behalf. 
  • Our children who reconnected with their family during the school holiday have returned positive and upbeat having the opportunity.
  • On a personal note, I praise God for the good work He has begun in Daniel and Vuola!  May they soon come to realize that their life is about His saving grace!!

Personal Prayer Request

Dear Lord, May I be a pattern for my children in my love, my faith and my clean thoughts.

With love, Brenda

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