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Personal Greeting

Change – An approach of transitioning individuals, teams and organizations into a future desired state.  10 years into CoPMN it may be that change is on the horizon.  Isaiah 7.3b tells us that God told Isaiah to say, “Be careful, keep calm, and don’t be afraid”.   What better way to face change than with those “marching orders”.  With patience, endurance and perseverance we will move forward.  I am encouraged daily with the knowledge that I am loved by God and that He has given me a “cloud of witnesses” as my family, friends and ministry partners!  No matter the geographic distance my heart and soul is close to those I love.  Thank you for your love, prayers and support!!

ms-debbie-july13What’s Next

  • The Grahams are leaving Namibia for a LONG awaited 6 month home assignment.  We praise God that His plans will come to fruition as they visit, share and relax with family, friends and churches.
  • Ms. Lea returns in July and will stay for two months.
  • Ms. Anna returned in June and in conjunction with 3 young men from Pittsburgh YWAM Center will offer an alternative school day for the older children of TKCA.  This day will focus on God’s plan for us as His children.
  • We have lots of volunteers here during July – some who have returned and some first timers.  We are so grateful for their gift of time, energy and talents.
  • Ms. Kayla has started our pre schoolers on the Labdoo computers donated by our German partners.
  • We have someone joining us on July 3rd who will be carrying this project onwards!
  • Ms. Debbie is challenging our older children with English!  We are very grateful for the extra bodies and minds.
  • Ms. Nan has notified CoPMN that at the end of 2013 she and Elizabeth will return to the USA for good.  Her departure from TKCA raises questions concerning the future of the school which could affect the location of ministry.
  • A group of four South African families will join us on July 1 at TKCA.  They are visiting from SHOFAR Church in Stellenbosch, SA.
  • Mike Knight with a team is returning to Arandis to work alongside Eagle Christian Center and CoPMN.  We look forward to welcoming Mike and the young people who are coming with him.

Specific Needs


Pray for the Grahams as they leave Namibia on July 2nd.  May God grant them peace and refreshment as they are on home assignment for 6 months.

Pray for wisdom as the Board makes decisions concerning our presence in Arandis.  The future of TKCA is questionable based on Nan’s departure and the heavy financial commitment it requires.

Elizabeth is having trouble with her stump and we pray for good medical care for her whether here or in the USA.

Toivo’s August date for Fall tuition is coming up quickly and he is still short about $4000.

Pray for needed work permits and permanent resident permit for me.


As my immediate family has expanded to 11, pray that God will continue to provide the needed funding to survive.


  • Ms. Anna returned safely to Namibia and has committed to finishing the year with us.
  • Victoria is working at TKCA and at NAMCOL which is helping her save money for the next step of her journey.
  • We are grateful for our partners in the USA and Germany who continue to support us financially and with people and in kind donations.
  • The team in Otjiwarango had a Celebrate Jesus Youth day which was a great success.
  • We praise God for the work He is doing through the Grahams and Swanson families and the other volunteers.
  • We praise God for His children and for the perfect plan He has for them.
  • We had another great Saturday with our partners from SHOFAR in Swakopmund.  God is faithful!

Personal Prayer Request

May my hope rest in Scripture!
Love from the Namib, Brenda

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