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Personal Greeting

As someone told me a miraculous story of God pertaining to a spina bifida child (like Elizabeth), I was moved to consider had I ever witnessed a miracle of healing.  As I was contemplating this thought the Spirit quickly reminded me that I am a witness to miraculous healing every day – emotional, spiritual and physical.  I was most reminded of my own family and how God is working a miracle daily in the life of Daniel and Vuola and thus in all my family.  Psalm 77 tells us “You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among your people.” Verse 14.  God is working miracles daily in my life, in the life of my family, in the life of the ministry and on it goes.  Getting caught up in the challenges of day to day living I almost forgot to take note of what God is busy with in my midst.  Giving every day a chance it is my hearts desire to take inventory and to praise God for his love, faithfulness, and involvement in my life.  As you look at your own life may God manifest Himself in grace giving you a glimpse of what He does daily on your behalf.  I certainly never forget the miracle of 10.5 years in ministry that has been girded in prayer and finances from you.  A thank you is not enough but all I have.

What’s Next

  • Changes are brewing as we consider how to best educate our high school children.  The Graham family visited a town about 4 hours from Arandis to consider overseeing a project that would include a boarding situation for 12 of our high school students in 2011.  Without education a cycle of poverty and all that goes with that will continue.  Before making a major decision like this we await clear direction from the Lord.
  • Toivo’s future is still a big unknown.
  • Jonathan has been placed in my official care the last weekend in June.  His future is unclear as we await a meeting with a social worker as well as an investigation into his home environment.  Turning three in just a few weeks he is the size of a 12 month old!
  • Josephine arrived the 28th of June for three months.  Her task will be to live and breath alongside of  Zuelery and Anna with a goal of making a positive mark on their lives.

Specific Needs

Jonathan was placed in my official care at the end of June.  He also spent some time with us last year.  May God grant us wisdom as a plan is determined for this little guy’s future. God knows our financial needs as a ministry – May we be patient as we await His plan to meet them.

In the coming year we have 12 children who will be attending 8-12th grades.  We are searching a way to get the children into a quality academic situation – in the end we will have to set up a boarding situation in another town.  Your prayers that God will make His plan clear are appreciated.

Sylvia will be traveling extensively in July and August for a government project. May God grant her travel mercies. Sylvia and I are sitting on a task force developing minimum standards for foster care.  May God direct us!


  • We are so grateful to the dedication of our volunteer staff members, Don B. and Amy M, who have completed the website for our partner USA organization, ‘His Promise Ministries”.  Please see His Promise Ministries. As you visit the site take the time to listen to and watch Amy’s video and audio.  She has captured the essence of who we are and what we do.  Thank you that you continue to partner with us as there is a great need and God is using you as an answer to that need.
  • Personally, I am grateful that my Namibian adult children are on a path leading to Jesus!  We are grateful for an unexpected visit from a South African team who shared Christ with our children and for another such team who will come in July.
  • Bartels Middle School in Tampa have been sending us boxes of library books for months now.  We are in awe of their commitment and love and in thanksgiving that our government is allowing the boxes to arrive at no charge to us!
  • Vuola’s twin sister lost her long time partner to suicide in mid June.  As a family we are grateful that we could help Novuola and her daughter Cailey through the emotional drama of this loss.  They spent three weeks with us to regroup.

Personal Prayer Request

Lord, may my family be one that gives you praise and honor in all that we do. May our home be one that serves Him!    With love from Namibia, Brenda

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