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Personal Greeting

Happy 2014! And now we start our 15th year in ministry together to God’s children of Namibia!  Praise God and Hallelujah for His faithfulness, grace and love! “My soul waits for the Lord more than the watchman for the morning.” Psalm 130.6 Indeed as we start 2014, I wait for the Lord as I hold onto His hand and wait for him to disperse my fears and unfold the days ahead.  My added responsibility of TKCA is completely out of my comfort zone.  However, God has not let me down so far and I am sure He will not at this point.  I appreciate your continued prayers on my behalf as I begin as administrator at TKCA for 2014.  I cannot see beyond the present to know how I am going to continue to give to my children the attention and help that they need while spending the school day at TKCA.  God does have a plan so I must be patient and wait on Him!  Thank you for continuing as a partner with me in this ministry for our 15th year together!

What’s Next

  • The biggest part of our January agenda is the opening of the 2015 school year.  Welcoming teachers and students back while opening our Montessori based pre-school will keep us all busy.  Trying to make headway through an unbelievable learning curve for me of School Administrator is my personal challenge.  The CoPMN staff return from their summer holidays on the 6th of January.
  • For our children who did not pass a critical year in 2014 we must look at options to best assist them to gain a skill that will ultimately help them become independent adults.
  • I have decided to keep Emily at home with us in Arandis and she will attend high school here.  Emily and Janis both need academic assistance and I am asking God to provide the appropriate persons to help each of them.
  • We received funding from a corporation in Germany that will allow us to complete the roof of at least one of our Montessori classrooms.  The Pre-Primary class is in temporary quarters for the first three months of school.

Specific Needs

We need continue prayers for Sylvia and her upcoming knee replacements. Giving God the honor and thanks to our friends in Germany, Sylvia’s first knee replacement is covered financially.  She and Richard will leave for Germany in February. 

We financially need help at TKCA.  Our minimal school fees (in the grand scheme) in the end do not cover our monthly obligations.  Certainly, we would be blessed if we could offer our teachers some encouragement and recognition through a salary increase.  We are asking sponsors for all of the CoPMN children who attend TKCA.  Our friends at Grace Community Church in Boca Ration, FL help us yearly with sponsorships however we never are quite 100% covered.  A donation of $100US per month will educate one child at TKCA.  We need your help in spreading the word of God’s work in Namibia.  We could use an influx of new donors!! (Donations to: His Promise Ministries, 1106 Old Mill Run, Deland, Florida 32720 – Chk Memo:TKCA) 

We are still looking for a family to house Brendan, Ismael and Riaan for 2014. 

Unfortunately, Salome and Asser failed 10th grade and we are faced with hard decisions about their futures.  Pray with us that God will give us His wisdom in this decision making process.


  • Ms. Nan, Elizabeth and Sammy arrived at their new home in Mt. Dora, FL safely before Christmas.  We are grateful to God for His call on Nan’s life which she answered dedicating herself to the children of Namibia for 7.5 years.
  • All of our local Namibian staff including our Executive Director work for minimal compensation giving sacrificially daily.  We are grateful to God for the goal we share to have an impact on Namibia one child at a time.
  • My family has relocated to Ms. Nan’s previous house giving us much more space which allows each of us a bit of solitude if needed.
  • We finished 2013 able to meet every obligation by God’s grace and the dedication and help of our worldwide partners.  Thank you for remaining faithful to God’s ministry in Namibia.
  • Victoria has been accepted at University of Namibia Law School.  Some friends of hers in the USA will assist she & Mickayla financially.
  • Thank you for your continued prayer & financial support for my family!!

Personal Prayer Request

Lord father, I thank you for the gift of hope and ask you to help me to rest in that gift even through the trials.

My family sends love from Namibia. Brenda

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