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Personal Greeting

“for you know very well that the day of Lord will come like a thief in the night”1Thess 5.2

Our Christmas Day was spent at a pool by the ocean with friends and family.  As the day progressed the area became packed till in the end there were probably 1000 people there.  Children generally were sent off to play while the adults were busy entertaining themselves. As I was walking around I was hit with the cold reality of our life here in Namibia.  The child has so little value and the desires of the parents are paramount.  A child has no boundaries, responsibilities or chance to give or receive love.  Our children long to be delighted in – to be the center of attention if just for a bit. I was saddened by what I saw in such great numbers around me.  Our days from birth to death are numbered.  Am I doing all I can to fulfill the will that God designed for me?  Can I help one more child?  My family welcomed three more young people into our home for the holidays.  Each of these young women who have been orphaned or abandoned (over and over) – their young heart yearns for attention. Lord, help us help our children to understand that it is through your perfect love that our hearts can become whole. May our days be used to serve you!

What’s Next

  • Talitha Kumi will be in full swing again on January 15.  As of this writing we are still in need of a minimum of two teachers. Four teachers would allow all the staff to breathe especially if one or two know music and art.   We are trusting God to bring us volunteers or local teachers to fill the needs.
  • Building on the two new classrooms will begin soon.
  • Toivo starts the second semester of his sophomore year.
  • The Grahams continue on their pursuit of adoption of Irene and Mcshal.
  • Ms. Lea is with us until mid January and staying with our family!!
  • Our friend, Ms. Sharon will be returning to Arandis the middle of the month.  We are excited to welcome her back!
  • Janis has started doing three yards on a weekly basis as preparation for the work world he will at some point enter.
  • A growing group of folks from SHOFAR Church have scheduled a monthly visit to Arandis to fellowship with our children and families.  January 19 will be the jump off point for 2013.


Specific Needs

Pray for the Graham family as they walk through grief and healing after the 4 San children were returned to their parents.  An efficient and flawless process as the adoption of Irene and Mcshal by the Graham family continues.

Teachers, teachers and teachers – volunteers are welcome!  We need help!  TKCA teachers to be learner focused as the new school year starts.

For me as I make decisions about the future of Janis and Stefanus especially as it relates to academics and learning.

Pray for Toivo as he considers his future and makes decisions.

As CoPMN faces the day to day challenges may we be together in unity, on our knees, and trusting of God.

Educationally, as our country’s education system deteriorates, we need God’s intervention, wisdom and discernment.

Continue to pray for Annetjie, Sannetjie and Ute – may God’s protection surround them.


  • Toivo received enough support to finish his 2nd term sophomore year. We are grateful to all who continue to support him.
  • Francina, Emily and Victoria visited with us during the holidays.
  • Our friends at SHOFAR Church in Swakopmund came to Arandis and hosted a Christmas Celebration for CoPMN.
  • Ms. Lea arrived in time for the New Year with us!
  • Victoria received word that she is accepted into the UNAM Law program.
  • We received the second donation from Presbyterian Women Thank Offering to be used on the continued building of our classrooms.  This donation along with personal sponsors will help us get at least one classroom complete.

Personal Prayer Request

May I stand firm in the will of God, mature and fully assured. May His blessings overwhelm you in this year of life!  Love, Brenda

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