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Personal Greeting

My family and I send greetings in this newsletter from the soil of the USA!  Janis, Stefanus, Hailey and I have been blessed by fellowship, prayer, and love from friends and family since our arrival the beginning of December.  God is good.  When in the midst of my every day responsibilities in Namibia, I do not realize how drained I am emotionally, physically and spiritually.   Coming back to the embrace of ministry friends and family has, however, made me very aware of how much of a desert I live in physically and spiritually.  I am so grateful to God for the encouragement and love that has embraced my family and me. On a daily basis God is giving me glimpses of His presence while my peace and joy are seeping back into my soul.  I met Janis and Stefanus when they were 18 months old and now they will be 13 in March.  You have been a partner and friend for all this time.  Thank you for staying faithful!  I praise God for the part you play in my life!  I can not continue on any level without you – I need your prayers, your love, your fellowship, and your financial care.  As I am overwhelmed in Namibia with the need, poverty, hopelessness that surrounds me, I am overwhelmed here with love!  Praise God that His plan for His people is to care for one another.  I am very blessed!! What’s Next

  • We will remain in the USA through January. Many speaking engagements, time of fellowship, and some fun!  Doors continue to open for us to share our work in Namibia and we are grateful for each opportunity.  We will visit with many friends during January and are traveling from Florida to Virginia and back. 
  • Back in Namibia Talitha Kumi will reopen mid January. 
  • Our high school students will go to Otjiwarango for their first term of school coming home to Arandis for holidays.  Auntie Likkie and her family will move to Otjiwarango to be the “dorm” Mom to our six out of city students.  The house she used in Arandis will be incorporated into TKCA kindergarten and pre school.
  • Visitors will come from Germany. 
  • After a short respite, ministry work will be back in full swing.  

Specific Needs

As we will be making a long journey we ask for God’s direction, safety and that His word will be shared where we go.

May my children continue to cope and appreciate the many opportunities afforded them.

As a new year at Talitha Kumi begins we ask for committed teachers to join our staff and faithful partners to support us financially.  To meet our salary obligations for Namibian teachers our need is $100US per month per COPM student at TKCA.  We need 15 sponsors for the 2011 school year.

We pray for insight as we consider different opportunities and challenges as it relates to foster care. 

The Lord has spoken to Ms. Jackie about returning to Namibia to be a Mom to her five children.  We ask that God will bless her efforts to raise money and that we can obtain an appropriate work permit. 

We await resolution to Ms. Nan’s work permit. 

2011 promises to be a year full of challenges for auntie Sylvia as she continues to work with the government as an advocate for the Namibian orphan/vulnerable child.  May God grant her wisdom and discernment.

As God opens up new opportunities for financial support in 2011 we ask that He will prepare the way and give us wisdom as we submit paper work. 

Many of our children have visited birth families during the holidays.  May their spirits be at peace as they return to CPMN and their families.


  • Our first Sunday in the states was spent with our friends -the Turner family – in northern New Jersey.  They in turn shared us with their church family.  We were so blessed with love, fellowship and fun! Ms. Cheryl and her husband opened up their home for us for 10 days upon our arrival.  A couple without children, we praise God for them and their sacrifices on our behalf.  Cheryl is pivotal in my life as she takes care of the distribution of my newsletter and responds to all my personal donations!  The people God gives us in life are precious gifts!
  • We praise God for all of our worldwide partners and ask blessings to be rained on each one in 2011.  
  • Becoming acutely aware of the lack of men in our ministry by the way my children react to men, I am so grateful for those who serve. 

Personal Prayer Request

May I remember that this life is but a short sojourn and not  about me! Hoping to see many of you, Brenda

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