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Personal Greeting

Talitha Kumi:  Little girl, I say to you, Get Up! Mark 5.41  This is the scripture given to Sylvia when we were considering a name for our school and these words have become a cornerstone to our ministry in Namibia.   We quickly realized that God’s intent was not just for the physical child but for the emotional and spiritual child in all of us.  He was not just talking about the children who are young in age but He was speaking to the child in all of us!  Get up! Take a stand!  Live an intentional life for Jesus! God counts on us to reach outside our comfort zone and to rise up to declare His power, love and glory. God has the power in Him to give life! It is this life giving power that is at the heart of all our lives – the power of new life, new hope, and new being.   All of us have said yes to God’s call to His children in Namibia.  We have said yes in prayer, finances and manpower.  We have listened to His heart in this ministry and responded by “taking a stand”.  Thank you!  Thank you!  As we are standing together through 2012 may God receive the glory!

What’s Next

  • School started on January 17th and God provided the teachers on January 14th!   His timing is always perfect but it can leave us with some stressful moments. Three Zimbabwean teachers were hired to assist the two American volunteers and the six Namibian teachers we have on staff.
  • TKCA has 96 students in 2012 from preschool through sixth grade!  We have expanded into two buildings and are trusting God to provide sponsorships for all of our children so that we can meet our monthly operational costs.  An afternoon program is mandatory for our public school students to assist them in closing the gaps in their academics.
  • Charmaine and Buezetta have been offered an opportunity through an NGO to complete their 12th and 10th grade certificates with improved marks over a nine month period.  Our public school system is so lacking that many of our children do not have a chance.  We are working on the details of this opportunity as they will be in another town and we must provide room and board.
  • I will be in NJ during February and my children will be having an adventure with dear friends in VA.

Specific Needs

The majority of our families are now in Arandis.  We have many teenagers in the high school and are challenged to keep them on target socially, emotionally and academically.  We specifically need prayer for the parents to have wisdom and for the children to realize that boundaries and self control are part of life.

Auntie Sylvia and Ms. Nan have a tremendous responsibility on them as I remain in the states.  May God give them the energy needed to keep going.

As TKCA has grown to 96 students from pre-school through 6th grade with a staff of nine paid teachers we are trusting God to provide sponsors for all the children and monthly income to meet the operational needs.

Teacher Anna is still awaiting a work permit.

Ms. Cheryl, long time friend of Ms. Nan, has offered to extend her stay for two months and she needs a work visa.

I am still waiting a renewal on my work permit which was submitted in June 2011.

As my children spend time in Virginia without me may they adjust, learn, and absolutely enjoy!  My friend and devoted ministry partner, Cheryl, whom I will be with during the month is fighting a fierce battle with cancer.


  • The week -long camp at the beginning of  January was a HUGE success.  We praise God for providing manpower through a group of African Inland Mission volunteers and our own local staff.
  • We thank God for the finances provided by our worldwide partners.
  • Sylvia held training for all CPMN parents as well during this time.
  • TKCA started with a full complement of teachers for the 2012 school year.  Praise God and Hallelujah!
  • I am so grateful for the time that my children and I have in the states this year to care for others and to visit with many family, friends and partners.  My family was greatly blessed with the gift of time with friends during January.
  • Arandis had visitors in January from Germany.  The godparents of two of our children spent an extended period of time in Arandis with our foster families.  We are grateful for the support of our German, American and UK partners!
  • Thank you, Lord, for the endless list of blessings!

Personal Prayer Request

May God’s word penetrate my heart and change me into the woman that He created me to be.   Thank you, Lord for your constant companionship! In His love, Brenda

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