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Personal Greeting

Janus, Stefanus and Hailey“…not by man’s desire or effort but by God’s grace.” Romans 9.16  Before leaving Namibia my burden was feeling very heavy….I was trying to do much in my own effort.  During my time here in America God has reinforced in me that it is His burden and it is my body, mind and soul that he needs.  I praise God for the spiritual and emotional refreshment I received during our visits with family and friends.  My life has been blessed by people over the years who continue to be part of my inner circle and partners in the ministry to which I am called.  I missed visiting with many this trip and yet I saw and spent time with many as well.  My children have experienced God’s creation from the warm to the cold!  Hailey, Stefanus and Janus Life, as we know it, is a short sojourn on the road to eternity. As a new year begins, may God grant his grace and mercy in your life Thank you for remaining a faithful partner to God’s children in Namibia!

What’s Next

  • Our time in the USA is coming to an end. We will return to Namibia from New York on February 8th.  Certainly we pray for travel mercies as we board with 12 suitcases in all!!
  • Our new program in Otjiwarango is challenging our 8th graders as they must study every day to stay up with the other students of the school.  Uncle Steve is helping with tutoring each afternoon.
  • We remain short teachers at TKCA primary and will need God’s wisdom as we cautiously move forward.
  • Ms. Friedell has been a temporary Mom to Riaan, Smithley, Ismael and Queen as they await the return of Ms. Jackie.  God has cleared the way for Ms. Jackie to return to her Namibian family in the near future.
  • As I return to Namibia  and engulf myself again with the day to day joys and challenges of the ministry I will share them in the months to come.
  • Mommy Likkie and her family have been moved to Otjiwarango.  She is settled in her new home with her children as she oversees the six 8th graders who are there for school only!  As this new arm of our ministry begins, may the transition be without worry or burden.
  • Hailey, Janis and Stefanus must adjust to the rigors of our every day living in Namibia after a wonderful experience in the USA.

Specific Needs

Appropriate visas and work permits for all long and short term volunteers are needed.

We praise God for the teachers that he will bring to work along side us this year.  We have a number of folks interested in joining us in Namibia during 2011 and we ask the Lord to clear the appropriate paths.

Our children in Otjiwarango need prayer as they miss their families and are in a whole new arena of academics!

Toivo has a very REAL chance to be accepted at Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC.  May the Father of detail unravel all the necessary arrangements as needed.

As Daniel and Vuola, Hailey’s parents, move out on their own may God protect them and continue to support them on their road of sobriety.

Ms. Nan returns to Namibia with a full plate as she runs TKCA and has to teach the new first grade class of about 15 students.  Pray that she can hold onto her sanity and remain physically strong as she faces the many challenges.

Let us pray Toivo into Presbyterian College!

Amanda and ColinAs children, young adults from my Ark days contact me for advice, help and a listening ear may God grant me discernment and wisdom.

We have been waiting for the full registration and expansion of TKCA for over 5 years now!  May we pray both of these into fruition in 2011!


  • I praise God for every encounter I had with Him while in the USA.  He showed up so many times and in such unexpected ways.  God used his people to confirm to me that he is ever present and aware of our needs.  Now it is a matter of time until we see how all of this evolves in the weeks and months ahead.
  • Grateful for the welcoming home of friends and family I return to Namibia encouraged and full again.
  • An extremely positive meeting with the admission team of Presbyterian College about Toivo leaves us very hopeful that he will enter university in August 2010!
  • Teacher Amanda was married the beginning of January.  May God grant this new union his blessing and fortification as they begin this new journey in life.

Personal Prayer Request

Brenda JohnstonAs I bid my farewells to those I love, I thank God for the calling to Namibia He has put on my life.  May I remain faithful and with a servant heart.  With love,  Brenda

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