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Personal Greeting

For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2.10

Each of us is in this ministry by God’s eternal plan. Whether we pray, go or give, I am convinced that His plan has nothing to do with our desire to do good but His plan to fulfill His desire for our life.  God has his eyes on us and has designs for us of glorious living. We, through our partnership with CoPMN, are part of the overall purpose God is working out in everything and everyone.  As another year comes to a close, may the God of this universe bless you many times over what you have done for Him in both this life and the one that is yet to come.  Thank you for continuing as a partner in this ministry to God’s children of Namibia!!  Merry Christmas!

What’s Next

  • nan-elizabeth-dec2013School is out and a seven week holiday begins.
  • Auntie Gertrude and her two girls move away from Arandis to reunite with her husband.
  • Ms. Nan and Elizabeth will return to the USA permanently during December.
  • Children will be coming and going during the holidays.
  • We are trusting God for a new plan for Ismael, Riaan and Dennis.
  • The pre-school will move to a different building.
  • Our staff will have four weeks off.
  • The container from Germany is in Namibia but “stuck” in customs so we will be receiving our gifts from Germany later in the month.
  • SHOFAR Church is hosting our children for a beach day, Christmas dinner and overnight on the 7th.
  • My household will grow by two for the school holidays as Vuola’s younger brother and sister come to join us.
  • Of course, Emily will be home from school and Victoria and Mickayla have an open invitation for the long holiday.
  • My family will be moving into Ms. Nan’s house and I will put our current little house on the market.
  • As the temperatures continue to rise my family will hopefully have lots of days at the beach or swimming pool!
  • Before the staff leaves on holiday we still have to finish our plans for the 2014 school year.

Specific Needs

Many of our staff are suffering physically including but not limited to Auntie Sylvi, Ms. Friedell, and Mrs. Uises.

We are trusting God for a complete staff of teachers at TKCA for the 2014 school year.

Our financial situation has not yet evened out at TKCA.  In order to pay the salaries of our teachers we need God to step in with His plan.

May Victoria be admitted to University of Namibia and may God show her His plan for Mickayla.

Vuola’s business of manicures, pedicures and massages to continue to grow.

We pray for a solid core of teachers at TKCA who will continue in dedication regardless of Ms. Nan’s departure.

We pray that a way will open for Auntie Sylvi to receive the knee operation she desperately needs.

As Annetjie and Sannetjie desperately try to find themselves may God grant them His peace as it relates to their self image.


  • lucas-dec2013Lucas and Katharina departed our ranks at the end of November.  Lucas served as a one on one assistant to Janis this third term of school which has allowed Janis to have great success academically.  I am very grateful for Lucas’ commitment to Janis since he arrived in September.  Katharina tutored Stephanus in a one on one situation which allowed Stephanus to continue to attend school.
  • Ms. Uschi returned to Germany after assisting as a teacher, co-teaching in Montessori, and tutoring our older children in the afternoon.
  • Okatharina-dec2013ur third grade class was treated to a field trip to the Aquarium by Ms. Uschi.
  • Thanking Ms. Nan appropriately for her sacrificial giving of time, talent, expertise and love over the past 7 years is impossible.  She will be greatly missed.
  •  The celebration of the end of the 2013 school  year was celebrated by our Pre-School and our Primary School.

Personal Prayer Request

May family, friends and unknown partners be aware of what their unconditional love and commitment does for me and my family.

My family sends love from Namibia. Brenda

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