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Personal Greeting

Many greetings from all of my family!  By the time you receive this Janis, Stefanus, Hailey and I will be in Florida.   By God’s grace we will be able to spend five months in the USA most of it with my mother and visiting other friends and family.  As the children get older we will not be able to make as many journey’s to the USA  so I am taking advantage this year of the opportunity to still spend time with family and friends.  For December and January we will be at my mother’s home: c/o Alice Johnston, 670 Biscayne Drive, Orange City, Florida 32763.  I will use the same cell phone as last year: 856-7455855.  Though this trip is about serving family and friends who need help we will be greeting our church homes and other sponsors as God allows.  My entire family praises God each day for all those He has brought together to allow us to serve Him through His children in Namibia.  I pray that your Thanksgiving was full of yearlong miracles to be thankful for and that your Christmas holiday will be full of Christ’s love.

What’s Next

  • First and foremost we have summer holiday here.  A break from school and a break for all the mommies from their jobs this is the time of year that allows some rest.  Mid- December to mid-January is a time that the majority of Namibia closes down.
  • Our children will finish school on December 2nd.
  • All the children from Otjiwarango are returning to Arandis for school in the upcoming year.  We are urgently trying to get social services to assist us by placing any children who are not yet officially placed.  The process can be very long and drawn out.
  • Mommy Likkie’s health is getting worse and because of arthritis she can barely move many days.  Likkie has had Anna and Asser since Anna was only months old so she is the only mommy they know.  We are prayerful that God will make a way for Likkie to continue to raise the children.
  • A team from African Inland Missions will organize a “kids club” for our children before school resumes.  They will be arriving in Arandis just after Christmas.

Specific Needs

December has arrived and Toivo still needs support for his second term tuition.  Please send your donations to Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church, Toivo’s Ministry, 530 Saint Andrews Road, Columbia, SC 29210.  Thank You!

As the Benz family prepares to move to Arandis we pray for God’s mercies on the process.  A move is always traumatic and one that takes time, energy and money.

Housing continues to be an issue in Arandis and we are experiencing difficulty as we look for a home for the Skrwyer family to move to.  It is our intent to turn their current house into a ministry center in Arandis and a place especially where our mommies can gather to work on BOP/SOH items.

Our new teachers will also need accommodations.  May the Lord open the path to places to live.

Ms. Friedell is recuperating from her cancer surgery.  Please remember her.

A returning volunteer needs a work permit to join our TKCA teacher team for one school year.  May her papers come through unobstructed and may I receive mine also before it is time to reenter Namibia.

Our teenagers are struggling with identity crisis which has lead to some dangerous decisions.

May God grant us wisdom, empathy and compassion as we trust Him for protection.


  • Ms. Lea has left us until the Lord’s plan is for her to return.  She was Stefanus’ sole teacher for the term and he was blessed by her dedication.  Additionally, she had a very positive influence on Seth the youngest member of the Skrwyer family.  All of us will miss her greatly band praise God for her commitment to His work here in Arandis.
  • Charmaine completed her 12th grade.  She will not receive her marks until January 2012.  The Matrix Farewell was held in Arandis and Ms. Charmaine was beautiful!
  • Lea brought Revival to Arandis for a few days to visit with us.  I praise God that she is doing very well at her new school and is growing up so fast!

Personal Prayer Request

I am exhausted mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  I pray that by God’s grace the change of environment will do the children and I all some good.  May your Christmas be filled with Christ’s light and be a time of peace and joy in Him!  In Christ’s Love, Brenda

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