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Personal Greeting

Over the years you have watched my African family grow up.  You have seen pictures of Janis and Stefanus as well as Annetjie and Sannetjie since they were babies. Daniel since he was a boy.  Hailey came many years later and now there is Dorian added to Ute’s family.  Point being that time is moving forward and so is life. Catching myself losing sight of who brought me to Namibia, I must stop and reflect on what I have witnessed through God’s grace.  Eleven years in Namibia and God has never left my side or let go of my hand.  As I become caught up in fighting the battle “alone”, I am reminded that this journey on earth is NOT about me.  And Praise God that that the burden is not mine alone!  I so look forward to my trip to the states with Janis, Stefanus and Hailey.  Our schedule is full and yet I will be refreshed by the change of scenery and spending time with family and friends. 

What’s Next

  • The biggest item on my personal agenda for the next two months is a trip to the states. Janis, Stefanus, Hailey and I will arrive at Kennedy Airport in NYC on December 8th.  We will stay in the mid-Atlantic area until December 20th when we fly to Orlando.  The Lord has filled up our schedule as we share the mission and vision of CPMN.  We will return to Namibia on February 8th. Once in the states, I will send out phone contact information via email.  Looking forward to seeing many of you!
  • While gone the staff of CPMN will take three weeks off to renew their strength.  Many of our children will be visiting with family for extended periods of time. 
  • Mommy Likkie will move with her family to Otjiwarango where she will be a Mom to her children and a hostel Mom to seven other high school children schooling there. 
  • Ms. Sylvia will be a keynote speaker at a conference concerning foster care/adoption and the challenge that Africa has with orphans and vulnerable children.
  • We anticipate a start on the school property by February 2011.  Praise God for the donation from Areva. 
  • We have again received a preliminary approval for grades 1-5 for the 2011 school year.

Specific Needs

November was a particularly challenging month.  Elizabeth spent two weeks in a Namibian government hospital which was a trying experience for she and Ms. Nan. 

One of our children continually was out of control endangering herself and the others in her family. 

One of our community children at TKCA had to be removed from the records. 

One of our families due to ethical and liability issues left the covering of CPMN.

As of the 13th of November we were short approximately $8000US to meet our operational budget at the end of November.  Our faith is big and we need prayer that it remains BIG trusting God to show up at just the right time.

A need for wisdom is at the top of our prayer list.   May our staff be renewed and refreshed as they spend time away from their work at the ministry. 

Many of our children are visiting relatives over the holidays.  May God grant his protection and provision while using each child as a light in their own family.  

Karrie and Kaley Graham appreciate prayers as they confront some health issues.

We need continued finances to support our children at home and at school. See donation details in footer. 

Finally, we are still short a teacher for the 2011 school year.


  • Steve and Karrie and family have adjusted well to Otjiwarango.  Steve has organized for all of our high school students to have places in Otjiwarango.  He has also found a house for the 7 students to live in during the school year under the leadership of Likkie.  We are grateful for God’s protective and merciful hand.
  • Jackie’s commitment to the children of her household has been a real blessing.  
  • Rain came early to Namibia and even to Arandis where most of the yards and streets were temporarily flooded!  One way to have a swimming pool in our front yard!
  • The end of year celebration was held and school is winding down.  Most of our children have done well and we look forward to community and CPMN children together for the 2011 school year.  
  • We are extremely grateful for Ms. Claire as she returned home to the UK to continue on the next segment of God’s journey.  What an influence she has been on her class of girls!

Personal Prayer Request

Praise God for He is faithful!
With love from Namibia, Brenda

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