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Personal Greeting

Our God is a God of detail!  As I look back over the last 7 weeks, I am amazed at how he has provided and protected.  With the death of my father on July 21, 2012, I was faced with a choice about traveling back to the states for his Celebration of Life Service.  God took care of the details and provided me with a group of doctors who managed my eye situation so that I could fly, a travel agent who worked to get me the best fare possible, and a family member who bought my airline ticket. Little details and not one left out!  Over the years you have continued to lift my family and I up to our Lord and He is faithful to honor those prayers.  I am grateful to God for the day, many years ago, that I realized I could only do well through Him.  Thank you for your continued prayers, love and support.

What’s Next

  • I am still awaiting proper work papers as my file was finally found by Home Affairs.
  • School break will come at the end of August for two weeks.  Hard to imagine that an entire term has passed since my children and I returned to Namibia.
  • Upon Ms. Nan’s return, she will look at the curriculum for Janis and Stefanus and prayerfully adjust to their ability.  My boys are struggling in school.
  • Our middle school children attend a three day leadership camp through Arandis Eagle Christian Center at the beginning of August.
  • Our new staff member will join the team in Arandis in August and begin a journey of getting to know who we are and what we do.
  • The Grahams continue to work with government to get official care of the children in their care for years now.
  • Sylvia continues to travel back and forth to feed into our staff and mommies through trainings.

Specific Needs

Nan and Elizabeth will be returning to Namibia after an extended stay in the USA.  May God grant them an effortless trip home.  As Elizabeth continues to learn how to walk with her new prosthesis may her stump remain healthy.

Toivo is returning to Presbyterian College the beginning of August to begin his sophomore year.  May he remain focused on his task at hand.

Daniel and Vuola are caring for Hailey, Janis and Stefanus in my absence for two weeks.  May God give them strength and patience as they take on this responsibility.

Our teachers still do not have work permits nor do I.  May God open a door for us as it relates to getting the proper papers to remain in Namibia.  An opportunity to get permanent resident status would be a relief.

Annetjie has been placed in a children’s home in Windhoek.  A large, government run home we pray for protection over Annetjie.  Sannetjie is struggling as she misses her twin dearly.  May God protect Sannetjie’s steps.

My friend, Cheryl went home to the Lord on July 26, 2012.  May God grant the myriad of friends and family left behind with a peace that only He can provide.

Our friend and partner organization founder, Kathy Morganelli, is struggling with health issues.  As God unfolds His plan may He provide answers for her.


  • In July, while our visiting team from NC was here our church sponsored an open stage night at the outside amphitheater in Arandis.  What a sight to see so many of our children performing in dance, music and drama.  The Lord has blessed our children with talent – some real talent!! We are grateful for the servant hearts of our most recent team.  Lots of hearts touched during their 10 days with us.
  • A new staff member has joined us and will reside with us in Arandis.  She will focus on fundraising within Namibia.
  • A number of donations have been received by CoPMN during July – we are grateful to God for his continued provision.
  • We thank God for the help Elizabeth and Nan have received through Shriners Hospital in Tampa.
  • Presbyterian Women USA chose CoPMN as the recipient of their Thank Offering for 2012.  We received already $20,000 to use on the expansion of TKCA and will receive another $10,000 in December 2012.
  • We are busy with further development on our property in the desert.  The town of Arandis has finally provided us with water and is now working on a sewage solution for the property!  Praise God!!
  • The children who participated in the regional science fair level were recognized for their outstanding work.  They all worked hard and though they did not make it to nationals they had fun and did a great job!

Personal Prayer Request

May I live each day as the gift that it is.  God’s timing for our time on earth is entirely His.  May my life bring Him honor daily.   In His love, Brenda

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