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Personal Greeting

Hope is a golden cord that connects you with heaven!  Praise God for that visual as I too often allow myself to get caught up in the trials!  Though I never have second thoughts about God’s calling on my life, I sometimes do lose sight of my source!  Thank God, He does not lose sight of me!  This newsletter comes with greetings and love from my entire family here in Namibia.  On a daily basis we are aware that God uses you to sustain us! Thank you and may your blessings be more that you can imagine!

What’s Next

Whew, the what’s next question is always a good one.  Just when we think God has us on the right track then something else comes up to challenge us.

  • We welcome a small group of youth from NH the first week of August to work alongside our team at TKCA.
  • As we have another school break which begins August 26 our children will be facing exams the first weeks of August.
  • Our teenagers who are 16 and upward are participating in a mission/leadership camp for 10 days during the school holiday.
  • Ms. Lea returns to Namibia to work with my Stefanus for the entire last term of school.  Ms. Lea is studying education for special need children and will work specifically with Stefanus in life skills.  I am very grateful for her help!
  • Jackie and RiaanMs. Jackie returns to the USA on the 16th.  We are so grateful for her sacrifice and service
  • An auntie of Riaan, Ismael, Queen and Smithley who lives in Arandis has offered to move into our house with the children.  She has kept a relationship with the children since they came to Arandis and we have agreed to give her a chance with the children.  Of course, it is our desires to have family take care of family children as they can.
  • Our first school building on the new school property is in the process of being built.  This building donated by AREVA, a local uranium mine owner, will serve as a meeting hall until we get water on the property.

Specific Needs

We need prayer and insight as we face an unforeseen challenge with our teenagers.  Namibian law dictates that foster parents are caretakers of a child but that the government is still the decision maker for the child.  A court of law also accepts a 13 year old child as a child able to make a decision for themselves about with whom they want to live.   Of course, a teenager anywhere in the world will generally choose freedom over family rules.  We have two young girls who have already taken this route and despite the disapproval of social services in the end the social worker allowed it to be their choice.  Pray with us for discernment and wisdom so that we can best help our children to become contributing adults and not children reliving a cycle!

Toivo needs funding for his studies – currently, $5200  needed before August 15.  Checks can be sent to:

Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church
Toivo’s Ministry
530 Saint Andrews Road
Columbia, SC 29210.

Thank you to all who have given or will give!  Praise God that He has a plan!

Boca Raton Friends

Specific Needs for the Ministry include but are not limited to: lower and upper primary school teachers, hostel parents for our children who attend school in other than their hometown, craft designer for BOP/SOH, foster parents.  These positions are volunteer posts and require a one year commitment from January – December.  A perfect opportunity for a “retired” couple with energy to spare or a young adult before entering their fulltime fast track job!  God will provide your funding!  When God speaks to you send me an email!

Water and electricity for the new school property is a challenge that needs prayer.  The cost is exorbitant and though the town should get these basic utilities to the property they have just said they do not have the money to do it!


  • Our friends from Boca Raton, Florida joined us in July.  While some were busy assisting with practical repairs others we busy with dental check ups.  We remain grateful to Grace Community Church as they support us spiritually, physically and financially!  See this YOUTUBE connection for a video of our kids: .
  • Toivo had a successful but stressful summer session at Presbyterian College.  We praise God for a myriad of folks in SC who give him emotional, physical and spiritual support.
  • Field TripOur fourth graders had an educational and fun though cold field trip to a desert research center.   Uncle Mike, Ms. Nan and Ms. Julie accompanied the children on a science field trip to Gobabeb.
  • A parent’s meeting at TKCA gave our children an opportunity to show off skills learned from teacher Julia, especially in music and art.  Teacher Julia taught our children to read music, play the recorder, and to design art.  She is greatly missed already at TKCA!

Personal Prayer Request

May God grant me the wisdom to meditate on his word day and night instilling it in my children through actions and word.

In Christ’s Love, Brenda

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