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Personal Greeting

During a recent Sunday message I heard,  “When God asks you to do something, He moves people, places and things to provide for that request.”  Those words made me reflect on my own journey.  Certainly God has done just that.  God clearly asked me to do something in September 1999 and He has ever since then been providing for me and my ever growing family in miraculous ways.  Psalm 77.11 tells us, “I will remember the deeds of the Lord; Yes, I will remember your miracles.”  God is ever faithful.  Each month I receive short notes from different folks who I think have long ago forgotten me.  These notes of love are such an encouragement to me!  Thank you for remembering me and my family for touching bases from time to time to let us know you are still there following our journey and praying for us.  I am so grateful to God for you! 

What’s Next

  • After meeting with the social worker, Jonathan was placed in his father’s temporary custody and they have returned to the fathers’ family. 
  • Hope’s Promise has finally begun the process of officially changing our name to Children of Promise Ministries.  As we assist the government with writing minimum standards for foster care., we are asked to be a Foster Care Provider in three regions. As a key stakeholder working in foster care we will probably take on this responsibility. 
  • The Graham family’s move to Otjiwarango is materializing.  We will most likely also move one of our families with them who come from that area.  
  • A team from the USA will arrive the beginning of August for 12 days with us. 
  • We also will be welcoming a year long volunteer from Germany on August 1. 
  • Kinder und Familienhilfe Namibia will hold their annual meeting in October.  Sylvia and I will both travel to Germany as ambassadors from CoPMN, God providing!
  • Uncle Mike has started his program for the boys on a weekly basis.  May his efforts be blessed.

Specific Needs

With this newsletter, I am requesting prayer as it relates to my family and a trip to the USA starting in December. A few months ago, I thought I would travel alone to America this year to visit family and friends in order to give myself a “break”.  However  I realize that leaving  the children behind will be a set back to them that could take months to overcome!  I have asked Daniel and Vuola to pray about going with us so that I can travel to the many parts of the USA where you live! You can imagine if six of us are traveling from Namibia to the US God will have to “make it happen” as my current financial situation would not allow for such an expense.  Even if it is only I and the three children it will need to be a work of His hand.  My prayer is that God will make it clear to me in the near future what is His plan so that I can begin with the process of permission, visas, etc. needed to travel out of Namibia with Namibian children. 

Here we are midway through 2010 and we have still not received our permanent registration for TKCA.  Please pray that God’s will be done. 

Revival, a child not officially placed in our care, is a challenge on many levels.  May God show us His will as it pertains to this child. 

We have been advised that Toivo’s account at his previous school still has a balance due of  $1000US.  If anyone can help us meet this obligation please send your donation to His Promise Ministries, 1106 Old Mill Run, Deland, FL 32720 with a check memo of TOIVO.  We are trusting God for His provision as our general funds are depleted.

Meeting basic needs, medical, dental and education our cost is approximately $200US per child.  We need your help in spreading the word.


  • We are surviving months and months of East wind which this time of the year are very cold! 
  • Daniel turned 25 and is a responsible, young man building a relationship with Jesus!!  For all of you who have followed my life with Daniel you know it is “by the grace of God”!!  I am so blessed and praise God for His mighty work in this young man. 
  • We are grateful for the volunteers who come and go from Arandis. 
  • Ms. Rebekkeh is here helping our pre-school teachers expand their “bags of ideas”. 
  • Ms. Monica finished her commitment to us and we are so grateful for her dedication and love of the children.  God provided us with a qualified replacement teacher to begin in September. 
  • Ms. Sandy will finish this school term for us before she returns to the USA!  God always provides!! 

Personal Prayer Request

May it be God’s purpose that prevails in my life despite the plans in my heart! Prov. 19.21   With love from Namibia, Brenda

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