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Personal Greeting

“Every good and perfect gift is from above , coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” James 1. 17

brenda-childrenapr2012My soul is full!  Though I arrived as an empty vessel, God has allowed me this extended time in the USA with family and friends and my soul is once again full.  Through people who love my children and me,  we have been filled with love, encouragement, appreciation, fun and rest.  Watching my children grow in their journey I am overwhelmed by God’s grace.  A time of rest and relaxation away from the


demands of Children of Promise Ministries is a gift.  Through God’s plan of provision and your willingness to say “yes”, my family continues to live and grow in Him and in our world in Namibia.  Someone recently said that they sensed I was ready to come back to the USA.  Surprised I responded that until such a time as God releases me my home is in Namibia where I have a family and 80 other children who God has entrusted to CPMN.  Our journey across America has given me a renewed appreciation for the beautiful country we live in.  Of course, we have our struggles in the USA but our nation is one of beauty – in our environment and in our people.  We are blessed.  Thank you for your faithfulness and love – they are gifts to me from above.

sylviaapr2012What’s Next

  • Sylvia is in Germany for the annual meeting of our partner organization, Kinder und familienhilfe Namibia.  We are grateful for the endless work of our partners in Germany and the USA.
  • School break is fast approaching – a much needed break for teachers and students.  A young Canadian is in Namibia to help occupy our children during the break.
  • Ms. Nan and her family will have a much needed break from her intense responsibilities at TKCA.
  • Our friend Lea who comes as a tireless volunteer to Namibia will be in South Carolina while we are there.
  • toivoapr2012Our meeting with Presbyterian College is in April about Toivo’s situation as a student and about the finances.
  • I will have a number of opportunities to speak with mission committees and churches about existing partnerships or possible new ones.
  • Be reminded that donations for the ministry should be sent to: His Promise Ministries, 1106 Old Mill Run,  Deland, Florida 32720

Specific Needs

School break is a long one month holiday and we are prayerful that our children will remain obedient and faithful.

As Sylvia and Richard travel around Europe meeting with ministry partners we ask for God’s mercy and grace on them.

As we have a slew of teenagers in our midst may God touch their Hearts and Minds in a manner that reminds them that He has a purpose for each of them.  Pray for our children as they face the challenges of the world at large.  Pray for our parents to have wisdom and discernment as they raise the children in their home.

riaan-ishmeal-smithlyapr2012May the adoption of Asser and Anna by auntie Likkie come to fruition.

May Presbyterian College be willing to assist further financially for Toivo’s education.

We are prayerful that Nan will receive official adoption papers for Elizabeth before they leave for the USA on April 24.

Work permits and work visas have been at a standstill since June 2011 when my papers were submitted.

Many of our teaching staff is awaiting proper work permits as am I.


  • God continues to protect and provide!
  • Ms. Cheryl remained in Arandis for five months assisting Ms. Nan on all levels of her professional and personal life.
  • Volunteer Josephine, Anna and Josh are investing extended periods of time into the success and safety of our children.
  • Volunteers who return year after year help our children to grow in self worth and confidence.


Personal Prayer Request

We have been blessed beyond words with our time in the USA.  As Janis said when asked what is the most fun – “it is being with the people”.  Our life is all about relationship and we continue on the journey of spending time with people who are important to us.  Pray for the details of our last month here to be full of His light as we continue to move across America.    In His love, Brenda

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