Personal Greeting

With a warm heart I send you greetings from Namibia.  God continues to honor our commitment to His children!  Thank you for another month of support in prayer and finances.  May you experience the joy of a risen Lord!

What’s Next

Don Berthiaume with "his kids" in MarchMarch was full of challenges and blessings.  Top on our priority list is to find parents for Ismael, Smithly, Riaan, Memory, Queen and Angela.  Due to unfortunate and sad circumstances these children were left without a Mommie on Friday, March 5th. Now the good news is this was the day that our friends Jackie and Don arrived in Arandis.  Within hours of being in Arandis they became the temporary parents of these children.  As Don and Jackie return to the US on April 2nd, we are still challenged with who God has in mind for this blessing!

  • Toivo has still not heard from a university in the US though we all know that this will be time for letters.
  • We are about to change our name in Namibia again!  Due to the requirement of the IRS in the US we are unable to use the same name as our partner ministry, His Promise Ministries.  We have agreed to be called in Namibia,  ‘Children of Promise Ministries Namibia”.  Our logo will remain the same and we are on road to make this official.  We submitted yet another application to the Ministry of Education for approval Stephanus on horseto be registered as a Primary School for grades 1-4.  Since submitting the application the beginning of March we have heard nothing.
  • Four of our children began horseback riding lessons, including my son, Stefanus and all four of them are doing great.  Though this take a commitment from two adults each Thursday for 3 hours including travel time it is worth the investment.  We are grateful for the opportunity to give some of our special need children a chance to excel at something.

Specific Needs

May God deliver a miracle to us for the care of the six children who currently have no permanent mommy.  Sylvia and Richard are traveling to Capetown to spend time with their youngest daughter who is attending school in South Africa.  May they experience unexpected blessings. Ms. Sharon will be returning to NY in April….we are grateful for her heart and her gift of service each time she joins us in Arandis.  Foster parents - Arandis, Namibia - March 2010May God grant Jackie and Don travel mercies and may He make it clear to them how the next step of the journey looks.  Claire and her mother will arrive in Arandis mid April.  May the transition to our life here be an easy one for Claire. Toivo’s tuition fees for 2010 are not yet paid and he is still awaiting word from a university with a full scholarship.


Jackie and Don, on this their fifth trip to Arandis, had the blessing of experiencing our ministry by immersion.  When they have come in the past they have been “spectators” but God brought them this time to be His hands and feet to six children.  They will be missed as they return to NH.

Toivo received a portion of the needed tuition for his last year at Windhoek International School.

The organization with whom we partner, His Promise Ministries has received their 501 (c)(3) status!  We thank God for the quick, positive response to their application.  Ms. Sandy, Ms. Claire, Ms. Sharon and Uncle Mike all received the appropriate visas for which they applied.Brenda Johnston with Victor

We thank God that these volunteers can continue to serve along side of us.  My friends, Katharina and Miguel have informed me that they are expecting their fourth child!  They continue to serve the Lord in Angola.  We welcomed Victor into our Children of Promise family on March 7th.  (no,  I do not have responsibility for him).

Toivo, who stayed with Jackie while in the US in July 2009 had school holiday in March and could come spend some time with Jackie in Arandis.  While here he volunteered his time to get our library computer program updated with all the new books being sent to us.  We are monthly receiving books from a school in central Florida. Praise God!

Personal Prayer Request

No matter the circumstances may I always remember that the Lord my God is with me and that He is mighty to save!! Zephaniah 3.16

From Namibia with love, Brenda

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