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Personal Greeting

And the tide continues to change….Personally, a big change is that my personal funding no longer has an organization/church processing it.  I believe I have reached everyone who is a personal financial partner with this information.  Ministry support will continue through His Promise Ministries, 1401 Saratoga St, Deland, Florida 32724.  Amazed at my calmness with all the change, I remain dedicated to trusting God.  His plans have always proved much better than mine!  Please be aware that my personal support team should no longer send their support through Grace Community Church.  I have made a conscience decision not to join another sending organization.  The children and I will return to the USA by Spring 2019.  In the meantime, I will begin with my social security and trust my God who has been so faithful!  Thank you for remaining a faithful partner throughout the years.  The only way for me to receive personal funding from this time forward is through a gift in my personal bank account without a tax receipt.  Contact me through email ( with any questions or concerns.

What is Next

  • We are busy looking at options for the future of TKCA.  Financially, we are unable to meet our obligations so our most recent choices are to sell TKCA to a likeminded organization who will continue to operate the school as is or to close it down at the end of this year.
  • I have made a personal commitment that we will continue with TKCA through the end of this calendar year by whatever means that requires.
  • We have had a few parent meetings and of course, the parents as well as current staff and overseeing administration want to keep the school open however the means to do that is a challenge.  Many inquiries have come forward and as an organization we are putting together a package that will assist any future investors to get funding.
  • On another note, I also have put the sale of my house on a fast track.  With the change in my personal funding flow, I must have my house sold by the beginning of 2019 so that we can live off some of that income. An unknown is where the children and I will land once we sell this house.
  • Our school secretary has not shown up for work since the end of July so we are doubling up staff responsibilities.
  • We will have a major “garage sale” as a fundraiser for TKCA at the end of September.


The annual TKCA Fun Day 2017 was a success the first Saturday in August.  Our teachers put massive time and effort into making the day fun for students and their families.

Mickayla has adjusted quite well at TKCA kindergarten and is on a fast learning track.

Janis continues to work as a fulltime volunteer at the horse farm which is affording him an opportunity to learn to live with others, take care of himself, and to build a strong work ethic.  I am quite proud of him.

Riaan will be working indefinitely at a restoration plot in Usakos.  We are so grateful for the input and assistance God has provided.

Specific Need

  • We received word that the container that comes annually from Germany with different gifts for many different organizations including CoPMN is unable to confirm the sailing because of funding.  This container assists countless organizations to meet their goals.  Pray for funding.
  • Continue to pray for Sannetjie and Annetjie.  Sannetjie has a baby due any day now and is in a living situation (by choice) that is not conducive to safety or health.
  • Wisdom is required as we consider all the options before us relating to our assets both for the ministry and personally.
  • Richard and Sylvia are on their last month of sabbatical – may God grant them a month of complete R & R while confirming to them His vision for their next season as they return to Namibia.

Personal Prayer

Remembering to call on God, may I remain in obedience full of trust.

Love from the Namib,

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